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Ugly world leaders. Who needs a face transplant?

George W. Bush
Kim Jong Il
Vladmir Putin
Fidel Castro
Yasser Arafat
Muammar Qaddafi
Vicente Fox
Joe Biden
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I picked Castro... I mean, come on guy, you have been wearing that same anti-capitalist beard and green uniform since like the 1950's. Come on, orange is this year's olive drab!!!
Homer Simpson never changes his clothes.
Muammar Qaddafi should give up the shiny robes, giant sunglasses and Greg Brady haircut for something a little more modern, I think.
Look, it's one of Saddam's doubles!

http:// olmedia/ 1210000/images/ _1213778_vicente _fox150ap.jpg

Kim Jong 2 looks funny, he looks like one of those troll dolls with the whole signature hairstyle. Fidel Castro has been wearing that beard for a while now. Same with his hat, he's had it for ages.

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