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If black women are so ugly, then explain why research shows that people find the following physical traits desirable: full lips, doe eyes, wide and deep set eyes, full dark lashes, thick hair, curly hair, high cheekbones, curves, full breasts, hourglass figures... These features are a lot more common among black women than white women. Black girls are HOT. So why are there few black pinup girls, but in their place white women with lip and breast implants who've spent plenty of time in the tanning bed? And in the 50s when white girls would kill themselves trying to acheive the doe eyed full lipped look with layers and layers of makeup, and make their hair big and curly. Hmmmm. And look at the cartoon character Jessica Rabbit. She was created by a white man who said that she looks like the ideal women. She pretty much looks like a black woman with light skin and red hair. Look at the facial characteristics, thickness of the hair, prominence of the ass... She looks like a black woman to me. I want to refute the myth that black women are ugly because they aren't. There are plenty of beautiful black women, but there is not enough exposure of them in the media. Instead they show ugly women like Star Jones. And I'm not just talking about light-skinned black women and part-white women, there are plenty of hot dark-skinned black women too. I think the sexy cartoon girl Coal Black exemplifies this and is a symbol of that. I've seen real life black women who look like her. And there are plenty of beautiful women in Africa too. They are not all butch with shaved heads. I have seen lots of sexy feminine African women. They look like princesses, with hoop earrings and flowers in their hair. I am not the only white guy who feels this way, I'm just the only one who's willing to admit it. So stop being sheep and decide what YOU think is beautiful, and not have the media tell you what your opinion should be. I am not saying that there aren't attractive white women or ugly black girls, AND this ballot isn't meant to label black women as exotic sex objects, if you think that, than you're missing the point.

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Good question, I really love your ballot. The myth of the ugly black woman dates back to the "Mammy stereotype". The mammy archetype was a jolly, fat, butch, servile black woman. The stereotype was created by slave advocators to cover up the fact that slave owners lusted after black women, raped them, and kept them as concubines. The mammy myth was telling people, "Why would we want to rape black women. That's absurd! They're all ugly and look like this!" Today the stereotype of the fat ugly black woman is still prevalent in the media, but she's even worse: Instead of being jolly and benign, she's the loud-mouthed bitch that's good for nothing but lying around and eating cheeseburgers, or talking in stereotypical hip-hop jargon. It is still really hard for black women to be cast in decent roles...
"with names like Smakeekwa and attitudes"

Comments like that just go to show how seriously brainwashed so many white people are my the media, and sadly, some blacks too who develop inferiority complexes. Most of the white people on this website who make comments like that probably have never met a real black person in their life and cannot distinguish the stereotypical coon characters and celebrities on TV from the real thing.

good idea - make up a stereotype, question it and then use another name to praise it.
Who are you "justdroppingin" anyway? Tom man, is that you? Quit hiding ass, you're not fooling me. Why don't you get register here and join the party:)
ithink you are wrong i am asain and have a big firm bum with big breasts and am very attractive. the only difference between me and black women is that i am real, i have my own nails and my own hair lets face it most of you wear weave, its like your ashamed to show your natural hair its like your ashamed to be black
WOW guest user. that was so ignorant it was BRILLANT. first off he didnt say that. asains, white women cant have a big butt or breast. he simply said that it is more commen to see black women with those features. and less common to see white or asain women with those features.Brittny spears wear fake hair. does that make her ashamed to be white?in fact alot of white women these days seem to be getting breast and ass inplants way more than black women do.does that make white women fake? or ashamed to be white? and im sure you heard of this new trend asians do in plastic surgery where they widen there eyes to where they arent slanted anymore.wouldnt that make them ashamed to be asian? the fake nails thing was completly off because all women wear fake nails at one point. honestly though all women are beautiful. no matter what color you are.
most black womens hair grows either long to there shoulders. or big,wide,and curly. its rarely to the middle of their backs or to their butts. so black women where exstendtions to lengthen their hair because its already thick enough. white women, like brittney spears wear extendtions to thicken there hair, because it might be too thin. and now you know..
Black people in general are ugly to most white people.
FULL LIPS: Yes you are fright full lips are attractive. NOT thin lips, not FAT lips, but full lips.

WIDE & DEEP EYES: Right again, wide eyes are very attractive & green, grey or brown eyes are more so. However, black women have mongoloid type eyes (almond) as some refer too, OVAL is actually considered the most beautiful ‘eye shape’.

FULL DARK LASHES: Full, no, long, yes. Dark? Depends on the person. Long lashes thick or not are very attractive, however black (including African) women usually have thick but short eyelashes.

THICK HAIR: Yes, but people do prefer long, straight, curly or wavy textured CAUCASIAN-type hair not negro hair.

HIGH CHEEKBONES: A lot of women have cheekbones of all races it depends on your shape really & where your from, i find a lot of African women have cheekbones but not African American women.

CURVES: Every woman has curves, being fatter should make no difference & again there is a difference between having toned curves & ‘big’ or fat curves. Full breasts are usually a trait of averaged to overweight women again another trait that comes to mostly every race & hour glass figures just depends on how big your hip bones are you can find this trait in more that just black women.

So full lips, wide oval-shaped eyes, long lashes, thick long hair, high cheekbones, hour glass figures & curves. Believe it or not there aren’t just two races black & white, you can find NEARLLY EVERY ONE OF the traits above in middle eastern women (west Asian women), Sri Lankan, Pakistani & Indian (south Asian) women, i find that Hispanic women have some of those features & nearly every women from every race will have at least two or more of the features above .

I’m not going to bother with the rest.

ok well i think it is true, black women do hav good figures. I am black and sure i might not be as pretty as a white girl but i am not fake. I do not agree when people describe black women as fake or ghetto because they are some very rich black women out there. I am from a diplomatic family and i have been to places all around the world and I have seen lots of amazingly beautiful black women. Black people, I think are very pround to be what they are.
It is simply that white women typically have a more feminine appearance and demeanor. They naturally have smoother hair, leaner bodies, and an overall cleaner look which is western society is admirable. Not to mention they are colorful (blondes, redheads, brunettes, and black hair. Blue eyes, green, hazel, brown, black) while is it rare for a black women to have anything difference but various shades of browns. Does that mean one is more attractive than the other? Certainly not, it is all relative. Personally, I find Arab women the most beautiful hands down. They have the best features of all women in them.
Oh and Britney spears shaved her hair off. Of course she is using extensions now, when it grows out again, there will be no need I'm sure

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