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[+] serious ballot by mysticalknight

I'm sure most of you will be too chicken to name off your enemies on this ballot. The four I have listed below seem to be teaming up on me lately.

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I don't really consider any B&W user my enemy except for American_Empire who prefers to be anonymous now. I've actually given him a good karma rating a few times just so he can continue posting to prove that without a shadow of a doubt that he is a complete moron.
The people who insult this site, spew offensive posts and attack other decent users are my enemies.
I hate everyone on this site, I go home crying every day.
by ABC [+]

But..but we love you CBA!
gee thanks Cherri, I guess i dont hate you now.
by ABC [+]

Don't you know that the first four choices are all the same person, MK?
I don't know, he's too busy jacking off to our usernames/userpics to really care about that.
Thanks for your input v_juan. I never liked russainfollower or Saka_Bow either..
well i can get the top three to log in but i cant remember the password for bbc ah well!
You arent important enough to be my enemy mysticaltwit!
Mobsie is a pussy
aw look knights invented another alias to back him up!
mobsie is a whore.
Hey! I remember Saka_Bow he was cool. The Guy used to sign his name with 'bow of Iraq', I think he got suspended.
Hey mysticalknight. I'm on your side too. I hate this mobsie Eun.
Barbara_baby_cakes is the only person on thsi site who i actually just think is a piece of shit. Even American_ Empire the Gay cockface made me laugh occasionally.
There are a couple of people on the site whose nerves I get on occasionally, but I don't dislike anyone here. Ok there are a few who get on my nerves too but that is to be expected when you have a variety of adults with differing life experiences. It's the spice of life to have variety in points of view. It is not reason to hate each other.
What a "NewBorn," :O)*sigh*
oh no!!!! Not the All Powerful Knight Cake Sisters. hahahahaha
I my case a " newborn" is someone who has been rated down THREE levels by LCD for ONE miscategorised ballot.

In YOUR case Barbara its something you will NEVER have because no SANE woman would want to sleep with you.


Come on someone hates me, I need this please someone hate me.
oh ok, but just for 1 minute.
Wow you must have used ALL your aliases to get it that far mysticalfright! thats rest_in_peace Made_for_life wonder how many others! Mind you how many did you offer blow jobs too?
I know mobsies
but bbc still had the most votes
Hey guys, who am I?

"I don't hate anyone. Actually a few people annoy me. Hey, a few users are really stupid. There are a handful of users that deserve to die. Well, maybe just one user. DIE CELUI DIE!"

^That is the evolution of "we don't hate anyone" to "DIE CELUI DIE."

Enjoy the Karma Mobsie, you deserve it...
For those who continue to vote for me...It is an indication to me that you don't have lives and I take up space in your itty bitty heads, so, Enjoy.
barbara baby cakes and his lame wife and mobsie are the european child porn ring. Fuck all three of these losers especially bbc and mobsie
Now, now, don't be that way...Where is all your Holiday cheers and love of thy neighbor my brother? :O) One more outburst and the B & W bouncer will be force to show you the front door. So please, let us enjoy the spirit of Christmas and be respectful and kind to all :O)
most of the people are my friends. Except for that lousy Dirtdog who signed a stupid contract to be my enemy but he's mostly my friend than enemy.

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