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This statement was made by Barry Goldwater.

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Where did my comment go?
That's odd.

Extremism, in my opinion, is an indication of moral weakness. Extremism almost always leads to fanaticism, which typically leads to suffering - regardless of the cause.

It depends on the individual case, but moderation is almost always a good thing (in the pursuit of justice). Obviously, one could think of extreme examples where this is not the case.

So no, I disagree.

Extremism in the defence of liberty? I suppose you could class rape as a form of liberty, so if Barry Goldwater decided to kill people who tried to stop him raping someone then he would think that's okay.
Goldwater would never have done such a thing. The liberty he spoke of is the right everyone person has to their own body and what they produce with it. You have no right to another person's body. Goldwater was the best president we never had.
Hmmm ... thought-provoking quote.

I have to disagree ... extremism, by definition, is extreme. And I find that almost every instance of extremism not only fails to address teh original problem, but ends up being worse than the original perceived problem.

And as for "moderation in pursuit of justice" ... that is just scary; especially when one takes into account the subjective perceptions of what some people view as Justice.
So does justice have an objective basis, Cathexis?
cretin_slap: Hard to say ... it is so easy for "justice" to be filtered through whatever veil of perceptions, biases, beliefs, etc. a judge has that I am tempted to say it always has, in reality, a subjective component.
That's right, Cathexis. One minute you're conversing with a fairly firm grasp of what words and concepts mean, and then suddenly they're filtered through the veil of perceptions, biases, beliefs etc and you become a dribbling idiot who no-one wants to discuss anything with because it's like trying to work out what beliefs a wet dishrag has. I suppose it's possible that nothing means anything at all. Maybe you'd like to inhabit that world. I think you'd be quite at home there.
"Nice day isn't it Cathexis?"
"I'm not sure. Some people in the Amazon basin might feel that today is a horrible day. And does nice really mean anything at all when you filter it through your beliefs and biases?"
"Oh yeah! Maybe i'll just say nothing."

cretin: Curb your anger for a moment; yes, someone has dared to say something that may not agree with you ... open your ears rather than your insults and one or mor eof us may come away enlightened.

I am not talking about me. I am talking about different people. John Ashcroft has his own idea of Justice ... do you believe it is based on reality? Is it right?

Or is it possible that his view of Justice has been filtered by his perceptions and biases?

What is your perception of Justice? Mine? Ashcroft's? Bush's? Jerry Falwell's? Osama bin Laden's?

Sorry, cretin ... sometimes the complexities of the world are a bit bigger than you're aware.

Which is another reason it is such a bad idea to respond with anger to other people's comments. Sometimes, it may well be your understanding that isn't yet where it shoudl be.

I'm not angry at you, Cathexis. Sorry.
I'm afraid complexities are not relavant to my life. Life is perfect, not a confusing mess of relative meanings. You could spend forever wondering what differing meanings people might infer from certain words, and you'll never become enlightened. Do you think that complexities and how we differ are more important that perfections and how we're all the same?

Complications or perfections, Cathexis? What do you reckon is more important to having a great life? Hello?

Alright then i'll tell you the answer. It's perfection. You've got to rise above your big complexities, Cathexis. Of course that's what I believe. I wouldn't dream of letting people think I know what i'm talking about.

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