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The nose is one of the most important facial features.
The classification usually revolves around its shape:
1) Roman (aquiline) nose: the nose bridge has a bump, if viewed from profile
2) Greek nose: a straight line from top to bottom, if viewed from profile
3) Hawk nose (the european jew stereotype): very convex in all its lenght, if viewed from profile. Thin and sharp viewed from the front
4) Celestial nose: concave when viewed from profile (the oposite shape of the hawk nose described above)
5) Snub nose (short)
6) Cogitative nose: when viewed from the front it starts widening from below the bridge and the nostrils stand out
7) Manga girl nose: short, perky, lovely.

Keep in mind that for this classification the lenght is not considered (except for the snub nose), only the shape/profile.

Roman (aquiline) nose
Greek nose
Hawk nose
Celestial nose
Snub nose
Cogitative nose
Manga girl nose

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You tell me. I have a pic (eyes) on my user page.
Same here.
looks like a pud of clay stuck to my face. :)
my nose is broken, so it looks kinda like a hawk nose
by aya [+]

There's no Danish nose choice. That's what I have - 2/3 down from the bridge it has a bump.
Anglo-Saxon: Long, slightly convex and very narrow.
Roman, baby! Our noses are sex-aaay!

I would look positively ridiculous with a smaller nose.

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