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[+] ballot by larrynelmira

worth it?

just a few years ago my home town was filled with stores, after walmart moved in two years ago, virtually every
store in town is gone, they could not compete with the lower prices walmat had.

Is building the economy of China and the lower prices for our products, worth the destruction of down town america?

yes, lower prices is worth it
no, not worth it
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I heard people swear they were cheaper but I haven't noticed a big difference in prices myself.
I have heard I mean.
No, I have made a poll similar to this. I have done business with Walmart, the expectations from them make it virtually impossible to make money. If you sell to Walmart, you will loose money, If you buy from there you will literally lower your standard of living over time, this is a fact.
by ABC [+]

The town I grew up in in Virginia had a fairly thriving downtown, until Mister Walton's Brood swept in and built a superstore across from the local mall. Now, no one, not even teenagers, go to the mall, preferring to congregate at Wal-Mart. And the downtown area is DEAD, shutdown by three p.m.. Wal-Mart's good only for its own bottom line. And no, the prices aren't any lower, really. I shop at Target, and I save more money.
if the prices are not cheaper, why couldn't the down town stores survive?
stores that have been there for generations
well in the short term they are cheaper, but in the long run they are not
by ABC [+]

Its a simple equation larry...

Walmart moves in, undercuts the competition, the competition fold, creating a monopoly and so making it easy to raise prices.

Walmart may seem like a capitalist Utopia, but given that it buys its goods from farmers forced to keep their produce low, which ends in the farmers selling their farms to big agriculture that farms on a mass scale.

They also buy cheap goods from China, so undercut any US made produce.

Finally they are vehemently anti-union, and need their workers cowed so as to ensure a weak and cheap labour force.

This is how they seem to be the great store they appear to be, but like all corruption, it is all facade.

I understand now
Sadly though with the cost of living continuing to rise and people continuing to lose jobs in the U.S. people end up shopping at Walmart as a matter of survival.
Voted : no, not worth it
...but right now people are so strapped with gas being $4.00/gal that they just don't worry...or care. Some people didn't care even before that...

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