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You know the situation, you say something that your girlfriend finds offensive because of some obscure insecurity she has that she canít relate because (her is a shocker ladies) she isnít in touch with her emotions (at least not as much as she may have you think) then she becomes silent and gets that distant disconnected look in here eyes. You ask her how she feels and she says ĎIím fineí displaying that for all her criticism she is no better at expressing her emotions than you are. What do you think a woman means when she says ĎIím fineí?

You're an ass
She's fine
She's upset but doesn't quite know why yet.
She's so upset that she wants to turn a reasonable conversation into a spite contest.
She's really, really happy
She's hungry.
She wants to argue all damn night.
She's sleepy.
You're just like my father.
Why does he always interrupt me when I'm thinking about shoes?
Any number of things
She's fair to middlin'
she wants it in the stinker tonight
Run for your life or I'll kill you...
I'd put up with your asinine behavior if you looked a lot more like Orlando Bloom
I'm a bitch
If I ignore him maybe he'll go away
Read My Mind, Mister
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Any number of things, from "I'm fine" to "I wish that a miniature black hole would spring into existence in the vicinity of your genitalia".
yeah, it depends. ranging on her tone of voice, to the way she's acting. Generally speaking, it might mean a) I'm really mad at what you've done b)I'm fine c)If you don't know, I'm not going to tell you, but you'll have to spend the next two weeks kissing my ass to make it up
by aya [+]

" I don't want to talk right now!!"
Voted : If I ignore him maybe he'll go away
IC_gp Bet that's right on the money

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