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There is no heaven or hell.
The Pope went into an underground CRYPT
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He did & all he bought me back was this lousy halo
I doubt it.

I think you need to define 'heaven' first.
Heaven (at least for me) would be taking a little spin around the universe.
Maybe our solar system first, then moving onto some of the local solar systems, then onto more interesting things such as globular clusters, nebulae, and then off to an intergalactic tour in general.

From a Christian theological perspective, the Pope probably went to heaven.

From a arguably more rational perspective (mine, and I will vouch for it if no one else will) the Pope's chance of turning up in heaven are about the same as any decent person on the planet.

I didn't know the pope personally so I can't say if he was a good person or not. But if he was and he truly believed in God and loved people the way God does then yes he should go to heaven. But just because your a religious figure doesn't mean that you are good and pure look at some of these priest.

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