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Just heard that the deal should close this week and that American businessman Malcolm Glazer is buying Manchester United. The deal is expected to close this week. Are you okay with this? If you're against it, why? Be nice and please, keep it related to the buy and don't let the ballot disintegrate into anti-American or anti-British.

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It is pure sacrilege!!!
I am not into Man utd but i do feel that thnis is another British institution gone down the pan as i have heard that this guy only has a heart for business and couldnt give a damn about English football.
Heard the same thing d_wright. Don't trust the guy...looks like a greedy bastard. :) This is globaliztion for you. But, guess if it was for sale, that is the real issue. Very interested to see what other people think. There were massive rallies in the streets, so guess in the UK its a hotly contested issue.
I'm actually surprized they aren't already foreign owned. They are the woirld's bigest sports franchise, are they not? That would bring a lot of attention to business entrepeneurs worldwide I would assume.
As an Arsenal fan, I think its funny to see all the machester United fans upset and distressed. HAH!
As a Rangers fan i couldnt give a shit.
As a Rangers fan i couldnt give a shit.
As a Rangers fan i couldnt give a shit.
either way, I dont give a flying fuck what this guy thinks he is entitled to!!!
As a Manchester guy and United fan I'm totally against it, this guy has only purchased Man U for the brand he knows nothing about football or the history of the club. The club is successful and was debt free now its very largely in debt because of Glazer, who will no doubt cream off profits.

Guess we'll have to wait and see what he does next.

Man United has always been a business first and a sports club second.
Nope! no football team no fans no revenue no company.
The Edwards family have been trying to offload the club for years, when you put a club onto the stockmarket, you are subject to the vagaries of capitalism.

In the end, he owns the club and can do pretty much as he pleases.

There are enough Man Utd fans out there who will continue to support the team no matter who owns it.

i am not a man u fan but i am against it because-
he is not rich like roman abramovich.
m.glazier is not using his own money, he is getting loans.
he also has no idea about football and has never even been to manchester.
he thinks he can make united even richer but they are already the riches sporting club in the world.
he does not care about success on the pitch just the money.
he has no idea how much players cost, he has offered a 20 million transfer kitty, but as any football fan will tell you that doesnt buy you much these days.

As an American, I feel obliged to warn Man U's head coach that your new boss will sell you out at the drop of a hat if you don't win instantly and eternally for him. Ask Tony Dungy.

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