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When the President and Congress are fully covered by a Federally provided, free, socialist-style, universal health care system, funded by the American people?

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Ballot #74797 made me think of this.
Universal Healthcare would be a terrible idea. Im sure, if they fully understood the likely outcome of such a move, most would agree.
errr not a duplicate

I've always thought that, why should they get if they don't want to give to rest of America, they should pay their own just like millions of other Americans

Good point, I've always thought that. Perhaps then they could empathize better with working people who either can't afford insurance, or can't afford life-saving meds. Good one, cranky.
Yes, it is. But then how would the pharmaceutical and insurance industries get so rich to benefit them, oh sorry, all Americans.
Wow, this is news to me. I'm actually shocked to hear this! This type of chicanery would never fly in my country. If Americans have to pay then their political "leaders" should too. This is the height of hypocrisy!
Cletus, some 40 million Americans are uninsured. They probably think that not having socialized health care is a bad idea.
by aya [+]

Well, gee, you have to understand this. See, each of our legislators represent thousands, and even millions, of Americans. Their lives and health are therefore more important than just the single lives of most Americans, including the folks who voted for them. So, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having great healthcare plans and then voting against these same plans for the rest of the people.

And, anyhow, who benefits most from these plans? Right, America and the health insurance companies. So, it's all good. You understand now dontcha?

etc etc yadah yadah.. it's effing HEALTH.
We are all retarded idiot morons if we think poor people should have less HEALTH care than the rich old crackers controlling our lives.
Oh no nevermind excuse me, it's just another good way to keep people in their places.
by Jyl [+]

I don't think the Federal Health plan is free, they pay 72 percent of the cost, the employee pays for the rest, which isn't different than any other employer health plan. If I am employed by the government why should I be offered health plans like anyone else who works is?
Aya, research the issue fully. I could be VERY selfish and ask that others pay an unfair share of my healthcare, and without giving too much info, I'd have benefited from that a lot. Research the whole issue and if you still come to the conclusion that socialized medicine is best, we are very different thinkers.
Why should good hard working middle class Americans get the same kind of government sponsored healthcare coverage that our politicians, government workers, military servicemen, old people, children, homeless people, mentally & physically disabled people and prison inmates get? If God wanted them to be healthy he wouldn’t have made them be born into working class families. You liberals are so silly.
Socialized healthcare is a recipe for disaster. The government already has too large a say in all aspects of society.
Cletus, every other major country has national health care. Every single one of them does it cheaper that the US. Also, the health outcomes are better in most of those countries than in the US. Hell, even Cuba has a lower infant mortality rate.
^That's because we have more government involvement in healthcare than "socialist" Europe.

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