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For those who don't know U.F.C stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship.It is a mix martial art sport,which means various different methods of fighting are allowed.However almost all so-called styles fall into two category,stand-up and ground.Stand-up is obvisiouly punching,kicking,elbowing etc.Ground is basically wrestling and submission fighting.You are allowed to apply presure to the limbs of your opponet and even choke him.Now that you know the varry basics of U.F.C do you think that there is anybody in the sport that could stop the overwhelming fist of Mike Tyson?

Yes, Tyson only knows how to Box
No, Tysons Boxing skills are to great.
I could kick his ass!
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If Tyson got very lucky he MIGHT be able to beat one or two of the lower lever fighters.
Whites don't have the genetic potential that blacks do in boxing just by virtue of the nature of boxing rules.Blacks have shorter necks which are better for absorbing head punches.Blacks cut and bleed less in the nose due to nose shape and more rounded facial features plus thicker skin.Whites have shorter arms which while good for upper body strength ultimately become a net loss in boxing due to the advantages of having longer reach.Black males have higher testosterone levels than do white males,an obvious advantage.There are other smaller issues too ...

On the hand UFC rules are quite different to boxing rules.The upper body strength of whites is at least that of blacks and strikes are only half of the battle in the UFC.The UFC does give an edge to strikers by breaking up slower ground fights(a bias against ground fighters) but nonetheless whites do very well in the UFC and yes,there are many white men who could dispose of Mike Tyson probably in short order.What are the chances of Mike Tyson or any other boxer of landing a single perfect punch against a grappler who comes at him with his whole body?Nay.

Well, whoever fought Tyson had better wear ear muffs.

Seriously, Tyson has a learning disorder, and watching him earn his bread hurting and being hurt, hurts.

I'd love to see Chuck Lidell beat the shit out of Mike Tyson in the octagon!

What elvislennon said. Once he ran into some of the UFC's upper-tier talent, he'd be facing a world o' HURT.

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