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Some people say that god is the source of our morality and that the bible or other religious doctrines are the only sources we need to resolve any moral dilemma, but our reason separates us from animals and so does our ability to make moral decisions. I donít think this is a coincidence. What do you think?
Does our morality come from our ability to reason?


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Thats a good question, I always believed it was instilled in us by generations of religion, but i could be wrong.
by ABC [+]

I think it is a "learned" behavior, if you see something reinforced (moral) by the people you are around (family members, close friends, ect), then it is something that you will most likely follow. Morals are something that either you learn, or after many hard trials you instigate your own set morality to protect your "way of life". Not everyone has the same set of morals, I think anthropolgy also comes to play with different analogies of morality, and how different cultures have thier own set morals.
Cold logic and morality are incompatible.
Neuroscientists seem to think so. The same region involved in higher cognitive functions (frontal lobe) is active when making moral judgements.
It may facilitate it, but I don't believe it causes it -- that would imply that those without morals are diminished in reasoning capacity ... a subjective accusation, at best.
Free will. Choice. Isn't that what separates humanity from the lesser species?

I think along those lines that morality flows from reason. Also morality flows from society.

^can't agree with "we are the lesser species" compared to what.

But I have run into you before and I appreciate that your logic is on the level of the monkeys you think are a higher species.

I think morality comes from our ability to reason and our ability to reason comes from God.

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