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[+] joke ballot by Alien_Invader

We shall be retaking the Central North America and returning it to the Sovereign control of the British Commonwealth.
This should be an easy operation as most of the inhabitants are made of “Jello”.
The attack shall be sending all the British “Buck Tooth Divisions” and I’ll organize the Australian “Buck Tooth Divisions” to provide invaluable support.
The point of using this form of Warfare. is to Shock the American inhabitants into submission, were trying to avoid bloodshed.
When the Americans see the “Buck Tooth Divisions” who mumble in their boots, they’ll stand there like “Stunned Mullet”, making for an easy return to the control of the “British Commonwealth”
Once we have secured control for the British Commonwealth, the we shall be implementing these measures to turn them all into good “British Citizens”

• They shall all stand up to attention when the British National Anthem is played.
• They shall all salute the British flag.
• They will all be educated to eat “Bangers and Mash” and “Fish and Chips”, and regard them as a “Scrumptious Delicacy”.
• They will all be educated to “Mumble in their Boots”.
• They will all swear an oath of “Allegiance to the Queen”.
• They will all be taught to “Whine and Whinge” about nothing.
• We shall use our Genetic Scientists to genetically engineer all of them so all future generations will be the proud owners of “Buck Teeth”.
• The U.S. will be renamed”New England”.
• All shall have to “curtsey” before the Queen.

Yes Agent Mojo we can return the British Commonwealth to being a “World Super Power” to be reckoned with, the “Golden Days’ of British World Supremacy is now ready for our taking.

God Save the Queen
British Rule Forever
Can I run away and hide somewhere
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^ I think I lost a word in there, but I hope you get the gist, A_I. Over and out.
A_I, you are a naughty boy.
I hate to sound like im "whining and whinging about nothing" , but isnt this ballot basically just a thinly veiled oppurtunity to rant about Bad British cuisine and teeth?
I have no idea what this ballot is about but I call dibs on being Mojo's sex slave!
No it is not King Alfred, if we can't laugh about ourselves, then we have a problem, maybe counselling could help.
Tadema, keep your eyes closed when it happens, then at least you'll escape the "Stunned Mullet Effect".
(knitting an oversized Union Jack)
Alien invader

Laugh at "ourselves"? I didnt realise you were british?

And i would have to disagree with your suggestion that counselling be required, i havent seen any evidence of psychiatric problems in you yet. The only deficiency of yours ive noticed is in the humour department.

Try not to be so hard on yourself in future eh? Remember, the glass is half FULL

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