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[+] serious ballot by mybackhurts

Don't blame me for this ballot.I am originally from Japan.Here is the thing.My college classmates came visit me the other day at my house.And we started talking about how fucked up Japan has become and stuff.And all of sudeden one of them said,"Did you know when McCarther came to Japan,he got a shock of his life to see how ugly we were"We were like "really..."Then we started to talk about why we were so ugly.One of them is an antholopologist.She said that the inhabitants on island nation have the tendency to be smale and ugly.So I said "Then how about English?they might be ugly compared to Italians but they are not that small".so this ialander theory was dismissed.We talked about inbreeding.But this theory got dismissed too.because since Japan is island,we've always had all the kind of people coming through Korean Peninsula.Then we talk about diet what not.Then finally the accountant said, "Who cares anyway.I wanna go to universal studio today" "Yeah we should".Discussion was over.

I don't think they're ugly
This is an ugly ballot
Japanese girls are often beautiful
Radiation from the atom bomb of 1945
Pearl Harbour karma coming back@them
Born that way!
Find a guy named Kyung Lee, he will explain. Thats all I have to say.
They all look the same, and very few have defining features

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I dont think Japanese women are ugly.
by ABC [+]

I happen to think Japanese women are among the most stunning on Earth. Truth be told I find Asian women in general are rather beautiful. But ugliness is not just a Japanese affliction. Iíve met some terminally aesthetically challenged people here in Ireland. My grandpa God love him was no oil painting. The first time I met him I wasnít sure if I should hug him or prod him with a stick. And remember beauty is only skin deep but ugliness goes to the bone.
by B_P [+]

I don't think the Japanese are ugly. Normal distribution, as far as I know.

Of course, beauty (and hence Ugliness) is subjective.

what?? they're not ugly at well. no one is ugly.
No way! They're not ugly at all!
Everyone has their own taste, some may find no attractivness in them, some might. I'm not racist but I just don't find beauty in black women. Some of them can be wonderful people, but for some reason I just don't find them attactive.
Ugly comes in all races and creeds.

Bit if you ask me, there is just something about Balinese dancers that give me a chubby.

You have serious problems, fella.
Can't imagine that you are actually Japanese, Back.

Most Japanese I know are smart, clean, and attractive.

"Ugly" is a ballot like this.

I had a Japanese girlfriend and she was steaming hot!!..In fact all of her friends were, so i dont think what you said makes any sense
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," some smart lifeform once said. I'll leave it at that.
Sounds like someone has been infected with contemporary American cultural arrogance and vanity. Its truly a shame that "looks" are so damn important in this country nowadays.
What Freon said. MBH, exactly who or what's been putting these ideas in your head?
Who's definition of ugly sould we use.McCarther's ,I think not ,the man was an egomaniac.The difference in peoples looks is what make this world what it is.How dull it would be if we were all 10's , or 5's etc.
Terrible ballot.
It's a good ballot.
Google "the truth about asian women"

I think a lot of East Asian girls are hot (especially Koreans) but there are also a lot of ugly ones. You'll find the inverted bell curve explanation of that if you google what I wrote.

Can't imagine that you are actually Japanese, Back.

Most Japanese I know are smart, clean, and attractive.
"Ugly" is a ballot like this.
by griffon007 on Aug 02, 2005 2:21pm

I don't believe "she" is Japanese either. You don't write like any japanese women I've ever met, nor do your opinions seem to match that of any other japanese women that I've met. Let me guess; you're an alt of USrocks. Same style of writing.

Google "the truth about asian women"

I think a lot of East Asian girls are hot (especially Koreans) but there are also a lot of ugly ones. You'll find the inverted bell curve explanation of that if you google what I wrote.
by thc2883 on Aug 03, 2005 8:09am

That article hits the nail on the head! :)

I don't care what "any other Japanese " write.I was born and raised in Japan by Japanese parents.I didn't leave the country untill I was 23.If you take a look at some of my other ballots,you would know I am Japanese.Thanks though.ha ha
Before I even made the comment I had already seen your other claims of being Japanese, yet despite this I still do not believe your claim of being Japanese to be true. You have not posted posted anything yet that makes it believable.
Many Japanese women are beautiful, some I've met and seen are absolutely stunning (without any need for make-up). The Japanese aren't inbred either; millions of Russian emigres fleeing the Red Army amnd the Bolsheviks came to Japan so there are many Japanese with some Russian blood (usually a grandparent). I recently visited Japan to see the EXPO, and saw many Japanese who looked mixed or even European except for their eyes. Also, DNA studies have found that there is a lot of Polynesian Islander ancestry in Japanese too. So they certainly aren't inbred. Oh and many young Japanese these days aren't small, but with a more plentiful diet are as tall as Europeans. It is a fact that during the Meiji era when Japan was wealthy prior to WW2 that the Japanese people weren't small either. It was the lack of food during WW2 and the immediate post-war era that shrunk the stature of the typical Japanese.
Btw, mybackhurts - it is very suspicious that on every ballot you vote pro-USA. I would expect that a person who claims to be "Japanese" would at least vote for Japan and not the USA - but yopu always seem to vote for the USA or claim the USA is the best on every occassion - and always against Japan. I checked too. I don't believe you are Japanese. I think you're a fake.
Japanese girls are sexy isnt it true that they can tighten sonething on demand??
Ever seen Japanese porn.
I did. Twice.
The first and last time.

Trust me, you don't need to hurry out and get it.
It was THE most boring,unenthusiastic porn I've ever seen.

"isnt it true that they can tighten something on demand??"
-and your woman can't?
get her to locate(ID) that muscle
and train that sucker up,right!
What has she bin doing with her life?

I don't think japanese are ugly. They are not beautiful either though. A lot of people get confused for what japanese people actually look like. The majority of the people think of japanese people as the ones they see on Asian porn sites. Of course a porn site is going to choose the best looking Asian girls. So when they see your average japanese girl working at a factory, they will think she is ugly because of the built up expectation.
Voted : I don't think they're ugly
Where ever have you been? I think most Japanese people are absolutely gorgeous. I've seen pretty girls at schools along with my pretty friends, but I'm amazed by how stunning the girls over there look. Plus, a lot of guys are hot. Anyway, I'm not bragging, but! I got complimented on several occasions because I have 'an adorable Asian baby-face' is what I remember one person saying. Plus, this one guy-friend saying that I was... beautiful. >^>
Even after that, with the motivating and happy thoughts people provide me, the Japanese look much better to me.

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