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Which race of people feel they are the most superior to all other races?
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Extreme PC Liberals
Green people, they hate EVERYONE! It's the envy
the better race
That's two different questions: the more racist and the more superior. Which is it?
Born-again evangelical Christians
the Intergalactic races
The K.K.K.

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That's probably the Jews, based on what's written in the Torah. And they do call themselves the "Chosen Race"...
I don't know that any one group has a lock on such a claim. There always seem to be elements within every race/ nationality who need to believe everyone else is inferior.
Most humans are racist in one way or another.

There's only three listed above that advocate the killing of the others. I guess those corny white crackers are just plain lazy and not motivated enough.

Read my daughter the Talmud and give my son a lox Bagel, you Filthy Gentile!!!!!
Hizzies and Clothies are very very close seconds.
Only two of the choices here are a race, you dimwits.
This ballot only serves to demonstrate what a bunch of idiots we have using B&W.
Texans? Thats just plain stupid
Muslims, Texans and Jews can be either white, black or asian.

Whoever added them or voted for them deserves negative karma for each of the items: stupidity, ignorance, bigotry, and being an asshole.

It's also really amazing to see all these Talmud "experts" on B&W. I can go to a synagogue and never find as many "experts" as I find here. It is really, really interesting how many people here have read the 200+ books of the Talmud and know how to interpret it. All I find here is lies and misinterpretation used as excuse to hate or to inflame hatred towards jews.

Jews have never claimed to be the "chosen" people. That is one of the reasons they discourage people from joining their faith. They believe all people can find God, but that they have chosen a harder way. They strongly suggest to those who want to join that there are easier ways to get to God than to commit to Judaism.

I guess I shouldn't expect intelligence on this site. I knew it was riddled with anti-semites, bullshit artists and racists when I joined.

FF, I wouldn't be so hubristic if I were you, after all, you do have the most idiotic user name on B&W. (",) be fair, one of the stupidest anyway. lol
Thank you. That was my intention.
Jews have never claimed to be the "chosen" people. That is one of the reasons they discourage people from joining their faith.
by FiddleFaddleOnLSD on Aug 05, 2005 6:59pm

i disagree. i have had jewish friends tell me that they were raised with the principle that they are god's chosen people and that they are suprior to gentiles.

i think you're making a broad statement and i might be missing something, but where is the anti-semitisim in this ballot? i guess in your experience the jewish people you know may not claim to be god's chosen people, but my experience is the opposite, so guess we know two different types of jewish people.

and fiddle, question for you. if someone who is not christian disagrees with the teachings of christianity and communicates those views, are they "anti-christian?" the same question applies to islam. is someone who does not believe in or support or approve of the teachings of islam, are they anti-islamic? not necessarily. just because you don't agree with or believe in a particular religion does not make you "anti." when it comes to the jewish faith, don't you find it odd that anyone who voices disagreement with the jewish faith is immediately branded and anti-semite. its wrong. i, as a christian, do not belive in or subscribe to the teachings of judiasm -- does that make me an anti-semite? no, it does not.
I think it is a stupid ballot. I could say the same about the muslim bashing or texas bashing here as well.

I've never known a jewish person to claim they were superior. Somewhat persecuted perhaps, but never chosen.

kev24. You know the difference between being anti-semitic and anti-judaism as well as the difference between being anti-islam and slandering muslims. I've seen both called pigs and worse on this site. When lies, falsehoods, malicious statements are made to denigrate the person. We have a number of users who do that for christians, muslims and jews on this site.
Funny, I never bother commenting on ballots I consider to be 'stupid'.
kev24. You know the difference between being anti-semitic and anti-judaism as well as the difference between being anti-islam and slandering muslims. I've seen both called pigs and worse on this site. When lies, falsehoods, malicious statements are made to denigrate the person. We have a number of users who do that for christians, muslims and jews on this site.
by FiddleFaddleOnLSD on Aug 06, 2005 1:07am

well i have never done that, so if your comment is directed at me, it is mis-directed. you're entitled to your views, but i have to be honest, i'm not clear what your view is here?? i haven't posted anything anti-muslim or anti-semetic, so just who are you adressin your comments to??

as for you not encountering any jewish people who say that they are god's chosen people, i guess thats been your experience. my experience is the opposite.

don't confuse the fact that i am telling you that my experience has been the opposite with my endorsing or taking a stance against that claim -- i am simply saying that i have had a different experience and have not expressed any personal views one way or the other.

if you're reading into it, that is your issue, not mine and if you are, you are mistaken.

and fiddle, you wrote this to me in your private message to me: "Some of the things you have said on this site regarding religion, I just don't see a middle ground or a reconcilement of views."

of course not. what you are in a sense saying is that you removed me from your favorite user list because i won't violate my core belief system. how is that right?

are you saying that a jewish person should go against the very core of their beliefs because i, a christian, tell them to? or, are you saying that i, as a christian, should violate and abandon what i believe because someone of the islamic faith expresses their beliefs to me?

no. being tolerant means listening to and appreciating someone else's views and beliefs. i do. i totally respect people of other faiths and defend their right to believe as they wish.

based on your note to me, it seems you don't want to offer me the same consideration?

being tolerant means that you don't lash out or seek to harm or supress a person who thinks or acts differently than you -- it does not mean that you have to violate your own beliefs to demonstrate tolerance.

fiddlefaddle. regarding your latest private message to me: you're way out of line.
Hard to say. So many cultural differences in how "racism" is expressed.

My guess is that it racism is distributed fairly evenly among races.

Kevo, its best to not waste that much time on ol' Fiddle. He is Super Politically correct and he would sign up to be a part of Al' Qaeda right away if he came face to face with an Islamic terrorist. When the steam starts to shoot out of Fiddles head every time he sees a non PC quote or a non PC ballot, the best thing to do is to laugh at him or maybe even feel sorry for this sad guy. Fiddle is such a drone and he truly is blind to what is really happening in this world.
actually I think the so called "white" people(not the white race)think themselves as better everywhere they are.
america for example is dominated by a majorty of white people, and as usual white racists claim to ban all other races from america although they aren't american, and Inians should live in america alone...

Coming from you Grumpy, that is a compliment. Your ballots and cooments speak for yourself.
I can't speak for one specific race (or religion), it's unfair. There's obviously those who are tolerant and those who are intolerant in all these choices. Anyone who fancies him/herself superior to someone solely based on their skin colour or religion is prejudiced, so I vote "humans".

Hmmm, it's kinda like...dogs and cats. It wouldn't be fair to say that ALL dogs hate cats because obviously there are many dogs who like cats.

Hehe. Okay. Bad example.

** karma **
Wow, cranky sure is bigoted, ignorant as well.
It seems a few idiots have ruined what could have been an interesting ballot.
^ Hmm... those two comments from herzog - his only contribution to this ballot - attack another contributor and fail to answer the ballot question.

Hypocrisy, anyone?

Nice slam dunk, Dingle.
I believe whites are the most racist and tend to be in denial about it. Just look at all of the things whites did to other races through out the years. Slavery, stealing people's land and then claiming it as their own and what about apartheid. Whites have discriminated against their own as well saying if you are not anglo-saxon or german that you are not as wothy as them. I think it is really sad how racist whites are and their narrow, shallow minded beliefs are what is wrong with America now.
^So because of what white people did 100 years ago.. that makes us racist today?
^^No not necessarily. But most of you are extremely racist, judgemental and narrow minded anyways
Dingle it’s not a issue of race, when they say all non Jews are evil and stuff it’s because we don’t follow there religion and if we converted we wouldn’t be. Its not like the kkk who think white people are superior-there’s no way non whites can join our race, unless your Michael Jackson lol plus there’s no such thing as “race” anyway, were all part of the same species.
Asians are truly the most racist group on earth.
I think it is whites. I am white(not racist) but other whites are extremely racists to everyone...Especially in the US. Its probably because poeple in the US have that vison that they are better than everyone because their country has been hailed as the best. ( I am American)
Muslims aren't particularly racist. Islam isn't a racist religion... 'sexist' possibly.
black, hispanic, and hindu females are the most racist people in america.
what the fuck! don't forget about us the mexicans, ok now i feel like discrimination soemone cause of his race
hispanic women are the most racist people on earth.
Whites are belive me. Especially hippies. I was hella shocked when one of them called me a wetback.
I suppose it boils down to which group's political views are the most tribalistic. White nations have allowed non-Whites (many of whom HATE Whites) to become citizens and to reap the benefits of citizenship. I don't see too many Black countries inviting ole whitey over for supper - at least not unless ole whitey provides the feast. Blacks openly refer to other Blacks as 'brothers' and 'sisters' regardless of national origin. They display their tribal politics more openly than any other race. Any black who can't stand whitey should get the f*** away from whites.
Y hasnt a'one nominated india on the list , thou they immigrate to other countries they treat ppl who immigrate there like slaves or even worse , like me i'm from srilanka and i've been here all my life , but stil i've neva been given citizenship or work permit. i've lived a stranger all my life here.
The native peoples all over the world. natives are the most racist because they feel like they are the first on this planet, just because they lack the technology to conquer, they lost all their lands. Native Hawaiians will spit on your shoe and make you lick it.
Voted : It's obviously intergalactic super intelligences beings, of course
No human can compare to the truly superior minds and technology of outer space intelligence>> Please be duly impressed..
Voted : Muslims
I am writing a report on why people are so raciest to muslims so can you please tell me
Most of these groups are'nt even "RACES", they are "cultures", many "religiously-based cultures"[Jews,Christians,Muslimsetc}. Race comes down to ONLY "skin tone", the term "racist" gets thrown around too much, and too many people are improperly labelled "racist" and then believe themselves to be so and perhaps BECOME so because of it. To oppose religious groups, or at least their religions, IDEOLOGICALLY{say,Jews,Christians, Muslims,etc} or to think there are some backwards thinking in some "cultures" or "nations", is NOT "RACIST".
Voted : Whites
The white man is a destructive,evil, menace and is only purpose is to start wars and rid the human race of existance
I believe that all races favor their own. (Nothing is wrong with that in my opinion).. I'm black by the way.
But I do believe that Whites for some reason feel some sort of entitlement. They are the only race that spreads and feels the need to conquer, (I believe that any race could do that if they wanted to). But most races live within a system or within nature. I hate to say it but I DO BELIEVE that whites have some kind of EVIL bone inside, some whites are just better at fighting off their devilish side.

Everybody is equally racist IMO. I've been around mexicans who bash on whites more than any of my friends bash on them...and I have been called a cracker by black people. I could give a shit less what I am called, but it does suck that it's almost unacceptable to be a white person now adays...I can't help what my ancestor's did and I have no desire to own a slave. Anybody can be racist, but it comes down to bad vs. good...there are bad people of all different racial and cultural backgrounds. I think the Jews have had the roughest go though so far.
Voted : the Intergalactic races
You have to admit, the Intergalactics must be superior to any of the creatures of Earth, 'even' the human!
Earthmen seem to think that 'race' has mostly to do with 'color', skin pigmentation. But far more significant is the features of the face and head, the configuration, essential identifiable differences, which may be seen as unpleasant or unacceptable to another 'race'. Other differences in appearance, strange languages and habits, incompatible religions, fear, danger, hostility, totally alien, and so forth, are some other factors.
But We are controlling the External, We are controlling the Internal, everything you sense and feel is being monitored and projected throughout Time and Space...

Voted : Australians
I was in an offshore campus of an Aussie uni. They didn't provide enough course material or help... but they demand marking all the assignments, papers. Also they tried controlling over decision making for certain units.. even without asking. Also it is widely known, main aussie campus students got better hints/tips before every paper/assignment. Baaah... kangaroos.. you are a racist nation.. take that you mofos...
Voted : Human
i would have to say humans and steriotypes who hold grudges with people. a shower of astroids hitting the earth would end racism 110%
Voted : Whites
We're #1!

Wooooooooooooh! Mayonnaise rules!

Suck on that Eskimos!

Whites are not racist, the blacks are equal, but NAZI's are really
Whites are the most racist,pretty stupid poll.White includes Australia,rednecks,texan etc

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