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I dont get it.I see it written quite a few times on the site and users joke about it.What the heck does it mean?I bet its an perverted thing though but I still have no clue.

Ill tell you,look below
I wont tell you.
What is bukkake?

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itll be something lame and you'll wish u never asked.
sorry , the definition was x rated, had to remove it.
Yes, it is something quite X-rated.
How COME you want to know?
but a G rated definition is:
When the term bukkake is used in Japan, it usually refers to a method of preparing noodles

It is, by definition, a form of torture/abuse encompassing extreme humiliation. In the Wide Wide World O' Porn, it's even worse. Out of respect for women everywhere, I won't go into detail. Click on it for yourself...
I have no idea what it means. I see the word a lot too. Not sure.
A japanese sexual fetish... thats all u need to know.
Its just a sexual thing... nothing to do with torture
"Bukkake" is a slang for "splash".The word itself doesn't mean anything sexual or nasty.
It's the practice where several men ejaculate on a woman's face.
in ancient japan when a woman was found cheating on her partner the punishment was for all the men in the village to jerk off on her and cover her in sperm. this is no longer used as punishment but there s a big fetish scene for it in japan. check out the albinoblacksheep for a hillarious cartoon about it

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