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I live in a diversified area. We have Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Japanese, Philippinos, etc. and for the most part it's hard to tell them apart.

When meeting them, I find there's nothing that really distinguishes one from another.

Can you tell which one is which?


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I can tell with Filipinos usually.

I just realized you spelled it one way and I another, are there 2 ways to spell it?

because I'm sure I've seen both spellings
I can tell the difference between Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and Vietnamese. They look quite different to me.
It depends if they are in a nail salon, buffet, laundry or camera shop.
I am Chinese, but I often have difficulty telling the difference. I once mistook a Mexican guy for a Filipino.
Filipinos & Indonesians are easy to tell apart from Chinese or Japanese. Japanese from Japan dress and have a certain style that seems very distinctive to me, being familiar with it, so I don't have much problem with them, either. I do have more trouble differentiating Chinese from Koreans. However, Indo-Chinese, e.g., Vietnamese, Cambodians, etc. look a bit different than Chinese or Koreans.

I guess it just depends on where they or their families come from.

I have trouble with Vietnamese and Cambodian. Maybe its that just that I haven't met enough of them.

^that's probably my case too
I usually can make a pretty good guess; but, if it's important for me to know, I'll ask anyway. There are subtle differences in features...but, people usually prefer to identify themselves over being identified.
NO, i find it hard, and sometimes, Middle Easterners look like Indians.
by aya [+]

I also find it difficult to tell the difference between Swedes, Russians and Australians.
Yes, having lived in Hawaii, it is pretty easy.
Yep,Filipinos and Indonesians are easily spotted out,especially Filipinos.Also Indians and Pakistanis look diffrent in a way.Chinese and Japenese,I have problems diffrentiating.Middle Easterns from the Meditarranean side(Lebanon,Palestine,Israel,Syria,Jordan)have similiar looks to Italians/Spaniards/Greeks /Indians while people from the Gulf States have similiarity with Africans.
Good question...not really. If what asain country there from definitly not.
Can you tell the differnce between poles, or ukrainians, or russians? No, you cannot.
I can usally tell philipino's and Hong Kong people
The key to telling if someone is from china or Japan is in their last names, a Chinese person usually has one syllable in their last name as a Japanese person usually has two or three syllables in their last name.
I am orginally Taiwanese and Belgian... and YES i can see the difference, the rest of u r blind!just kidding.. im just used to the different kind of faces:P
This question to me is like asking "Can you tell the difference between African People?" or "Can you tell the difference between European People?" If you are Asian, you can most likly tell the difference between Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, etc. The same goes will Europe and Africa. I'm half Jap and Viet and its pretty easy to tell whos who in Asia. The only time it could be hard for someone to tell is, Example: your from Europe and trying to tell the difference between two Asians, your from Asia and trying to tell the difference between two Africans.
they all have dark skin i guess, umm, but some men look alike but not always, the women have the same facial things but th shape of their heads is always diff, ...don't ask.
Voted : No
I don't try to see the minute differences..

I see two eyes, one nose and two ears. if they are walking upright, I think they are same as me.
by LCD [+]

If you tell me that a person is either Chinese or Japanese and ask me which they are, I could tell you. If you added in any other options, I would most likely blow it. But I suppose it's just like anything else, the more exposure you have to any people group, the more you become aware of the variations.
Voted : Yes
i can, cuz I'm an Asian and I'm very good at telling which is which.
and i live in NZ, which is just like where you live, i think that you may be living in NZ...

I can recognize Korean people easily. They have stockier bodies with more square faces. I recognize Indonesian people but cannot differentiate between their different countries. When I see a Japanese person, I know it right away that they are Japanese because their features are so extremely Asian. Chinese features are milder and not as strongly Asian as Japanese faces are, so sometimes I am not sure if they are Chinese or a different nationality.
Asian people are not the only people that can't be told apart. I mean you're walking down the street can you tell the difference people who are Russian? or Dutch? or British? or Swiss? ect?
Voted : Yes
The way they behave is a give-away. The Koreans are more detached. Chinese are snooty. Japanese are friendly just like the Japanese. Filipinos are warm
Voted : mostly
Filipinos can somtiem be mistaken as latin american and tend to have the least slanted eyes, this however does not mean all filipinos have big eyes, filipinos havea diverse look. vietnamese also tend to have bigger eyes and tend to be short, and also may somtime be mistakble for latin americans, cambodians tend to have bigger lips and look like vietnamese. chinese havea VERY VERY diverse look, chinese are wild cards, different regions of china have different looks, chinese may have extremely small eyes or may not have oriental eyes all, even though they are han. i can tell when korean or japanese talk or when they give there names out though, some koreans tend to be diverse like chinese, but gnerally japanese, koreans and some chinese look similar to the point you cannot tell them apart. japanese, koreans, and soem chinese tend to have very light yellowish skin, while some chinese, most cambodians, vietnamese, and filipinos tend to have tan to dark brown skin... remember you can't generalize that much.
Voted : Sometimes
I can.
Koreans have square cheekbones
Japanese have pointed eyes and you can see jaw
Chinese have dreary eyes

korean men are stong and a bit tall
japanese men are short and more hip hop
chinese men are kind of tan with dark hair

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