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religion :
[+] serious ballot by Uhhhhh

Each religion insists that only its believers are going to heaven, the rest burn in hell for eternity. Each insists only its god is the real god. Doesn't this prove that, since no one religion has an overwhelming majority, that most religious people are completely full of shit, and are certain to burn in hell for all eternity?

Yes, all religions except one must be bullshit.
No, all religions can be true.
No, every single religion is bullshit.
It all depends
Logic won't take me there
Hey, it's a competitive business world out there!
Not all religions believe in gods or heaven/hell
Any belief that advocates (teaches) violence to advance itself, doesn't get my respect.
The true faith is that of the Greeks. Hail Zeus!
Silly're not even native to Earth...
Not every religion says that
There is only ONE church, HIS! Eph.4:4-6(read),Matt. 16:18(notice it says church, not churches) Ar
No, only some religions are bullshit
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I subscribe to the theory that humans live throughout the universe, and those of us living on Earth are reincarnations of people who used to live in other star systems.
Buddhism teaches that you can be of any faith and still acheive enlightenment.

"those of us living on Earth are reincarnations of people who used to live in other star systems." hmm..

Interesting theory!
Kinda like a Rehab of sorts,
perhaps for those who didn't do so well,before, and get to live on this now-tortured planet, maybe to see if they can beat the system and improve it.
Now there's a challenge!

You said, "except one." Which one are you speaking of? the fact that you state this proves to me that you don't even think it's bullshit yourself.
Christianity, Judaism and Islam all believe in the same God. Fact.

So, the fundemental beliefs of all of them are right, and don't counter each other.

its not correct to judge
Does that mean that you believe if a Muslim or Jew does not accept Jesus as the savior they will still go to heaven?

Well interesting question but I would say no because all religions can persuit universal truth and "happyness".
I would say that most religions arnt complete bullshit exept for a few. because most religions contain truth even though thier starting points and beliefs may vary.

Blaster: I would say that as long as they acknolodge his existence, and what purpose his death on the cross was, then yes. As people get the point that he died for us as a mortal man, they believe in God and follow the teachings, then yes. Whether they believe he was actually the son of God is not as important as you may think; they both recognise him as an important person and understand why he died on the cross, but they don't see him as the son of God. They will still go to heaven.
Your question proves that religion is man made. If everything man invents is bullshit then I vote all religion is bullshit. Of course not everything man invents is bullshit, but we invent things for our betterment. Religion was invented (hundreds of times over) to help answer questions people can't stand not knowing the answer too. Now, throw in the power of socialization and you got yourself a belief that isn't going away anytime soon.

The fact that so many religions are so old proves that religion is born from ignorance. Seriously, anyone who considers themselves religous came to be that way by signing on to what someone else told them was true. Whether it was your parents, a freind or clergy, everyone started their faith by beleiving someone else is right. And books...don't even get me started. Books only prove that the invention of writing helped spread the invention of religion. No one knows where we come from. Deal with it, don't invent an answer.

The problem with both the ballot and Guest user's comment both is assume to know what religion is defined as. TTP, Religion is the practice of ones convictions. So assuming, I believe and practice pacifism and have faith that I can best serve humanity by self sacrafice and praise as opposed to condemnation of others, by your perspective, this is bull shit?

Pray tell, how ignorant can people be. It is advisable, to avoid coming across ignorant and uninformed, that you might either, be knowledgable about what comes out of your mouths, or, be more concise in what it is you mean when it does come out of your mouths.

One religion doesn't rule out the other, rather, it is the individual that believes in the specific value of one of the religions that they believe is most relevant to their purpose.
Everything you say is bullshit passiveson.

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