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[+] serious ballot by wideheadofknowledge

And again....
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LCD : on Oct 21, 2014 because Sheila Jackson Lee is a nigger.

Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia..
Australian Outback
USA/Puerto Rico
u k
the philippines
Dominican Republic
Costa Rica
The Vatican
Czech Republic
Cape Verde
the fictional Paradise Island where Wonder Woman lives.

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It's tough one.

Japan or the Philippines I reckon.

The Phillipines? Lmao!
Its impossible to say, lets be realistic here.

If I was FORCED to say a country or two, I guess I might say Brazil, Spain or Holland.

Brazil, Spain or Holland?

In all countries.
France for certain.
Brazil; Sweden; Vietnam; Ethiopia.

Different strokes for different folks

Brazilian women are beautiful and curvy so you get the best of both worlds.

I heard it was Sweden; lots of busty women there
by aya [+]

Canadian girls have the nicest sweater puppies to snuggle when it's cold outside. IC_mrcan
^ "Sweater Puppies"
God how I love that!
Canada IS a well-chested nation!

Australia has some pretty good looking women from all races!
Beautiful women can be found in all countries.
japanese girls are definitely THE most beautiful by far and english women the ugliest.
Every bread has its cheese!
I'll let you know when i got there. On second thought, no, I won't. Find your own...
switzerland's not on here?
Hey, where the freak is Mexico, Korea, and Portugal they all have incredible women trust me I've gone there. But if I had to choose one I'll probably choose Venezuela, Colombia, and Bolivia.
Whoever chose Japan is way off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Voted : Russia
heck yes!
SE Asia by far
i voted for italy cuz italian women are sexy beasts!!! but there's a few victoria secret models who are from brazil...coincidence? i think not! they pump the food down there with good looking ingredients...over here they pump the shit with fat and steroids :P
As a former diplomat, I had the opportunity to live for many years in several countries and I object to Japan being in the first place. I'd say that I saw the most beautiful women in Brazil, Venezuela, Spain, Italy and Sweden. Not necessarily in that order.
USA and then Puerto Rico have each had the most winners of Miss Universe. Venezuela is in a close 3rd with P.R.
the most beautiful women are somalians ,they are hot they have the best of everything i mean everything
all the women in the world, we're all beautiful in our own way.. everybody's beautiful. Human is beautiful ^_^ therefore i'm not voting for any cause they all have their fair share of beauty
Voted : spain
Well. I was in te North of spāin last summer and i couldnīt believe the wome there. brunettes, redheads, blondes, a grat mix of celtic and mediterranean. If you like beautiful women, you should take a trip there. They are really sexy, man!
Danbury ct

if natural beauty, it will be Philippines. latina beauties are product of plastic surgeons.
You guys need to check out a porn star by the name of Selena Spice.
She don't smile much,
but then she doesn't have to.

Beauty in women is not just in their face
- it's an overall package
and Lordee! does Selena Spice have that package!
I'm in LOVE and wanna get MARRIED!
(It's that bad//GOOD!)

I guess the one thing all these comments prove is beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
i agree with you wideheadofknowledge. philippines has them. naturally! i don't think japanese women are beautiful. if u will go to japan, u will see typical japanese women who are odd & ugly looking. on all class levels, you will see beautiful philippine women. maybe its because, i heard the race has a mix of spanish and chinese blood.
ehmmmmm where is lebanon on that list?? .. lebanon=beauty
Death is true beauty
Welcome to another horribly unreliable vote-spammned ballot with no crediblility whatsoever.

Watch as the votes for the vote-spammer's voices climb by upto hundreds of votes a day as he tries desperately to compensate for his small mind and flacid impotency.

Dont matter as long as they've got a 10 plus body im down with it
Philippines and Brazil
The USA wins every single country ballot regardless of what the question is or whether it's true.
PHILIPPINES!!! WOMEN in the philippines are gorgeous, they are so pretty, they always won in every beauty pageant.
Watch as the votes for the vote-spammer's voices climb by upto hundreds of votes a day as he tries desperately to compensate for his small mind and flacid impotency.
Voted : Canada

I rest my case.

Voted : Sweden
venezuela n sweden
Voted : USA
^ The one on the right looks like a beaver!

I can see philippine beacause I heared that they had this spanish-chinese beauty and that's a unique beauty. tanned skin, skinny and beautiful eyes
Who cares, women are beautiful all over the world. This is so stupid. This forum is just people of one ethnicity or another defending their background thinking that it relates to them somehow.
Ashwarya Rai is the most beautiful women in the world. I disagree with Angelina Jolie as Angelina does not have those stiking blue green eyes as the indian actress. Every feature of the indian actress is beyond compare and Angelina is no where close to her. Angelina look beautiful with the new fashions. Imagine if the bollywood queen wears the same outfits, she will be exceedingly stunning.
African beauty concept can never be same scale rated with with white beauty or asian beauty. Totally different in features e.g african women are more curvy and round figured with prominent bums while whites are pretty much less curvy and skinny plus no bum.
i think that you can find almost all beautiful women in southeast asia. the girls there are natural beauties.

many white women are not really beautiful. if you just look at their faces closely, you will see that most of them are not really beautiful.

Voted : Somalia
Voted : spain
well god knows how the usa got up there their all fat !!
Voted : Somalia
Oh yes...Somali 4sure
Voted : USA
US has advantage of being the melting pot because of Hollywood and New York
modeling circuit. I've spent my like photographing beautiful women.

think youfirst of all get in first usa
Voted : Japan
u go to japan all the women are beautiful
Voted : Poland
Polish women are the most naturally beautiful women.
plastic surgery are popular in korea and japan. there's so many japanese and korean star that had it so they look so beautiful but when you go there, you will see that a lot of them are not that beautiful.
Spain has the most beautiful women I've ever laid my eyes on. Just freeeakin' HOTT as hell. btw, I never understood the obsession with old white men and their asian fetish. Some are cute, but beautiful??? Too much porn I guess.
Voted : the philippines
all Spanish-conquered countries..including USA & Philippines
Voted : Australia
Ireland for sure
Voted : morocco
its morroco baby
I'm puerto rican.

America? yuck is all i have to say... there all about throwing up and getting plastic surgery, and its sad that Australia got no voted.. sorry people but the caucasians over here are the most baeutiful.. also our foreiners can be damn hot... and yeah i agreee with phillipines
no dispute. it is somalia

Voted : Brazil
The racial mixture in Brazil expressed in its breath-taking beautiful women is a testament to the power of love!
Voted : Philippines
they got it all looks, talent ,good manners what could I ask for.
In uruguay we have a mixture of many european nationalities and specially the mixture of german with spanish comes very beautiful
com on u dont reli fink its america


its oviously a european country
and hollond has amstadam
redlight districh of europe

think bout it

Philippines, korea, japan and china.
Mother Russia.
Nuff said.

Voted : UK
In terms of physical attritubutes only, Girls from England 18 - 27 are the worlds best looking women.
I think somali women are heavenly beautiful.
Venezuela, Colombia..... OMG I'm getting excited just saying the countries' names
Voted : Philippines
classic beauty even without make up!.. u can't notice at first but as u stare longer they're getting more beatiful...
Most beatiful women in El Salvador, Central America
Is this the ugliest women in the world Ballot or something and
Why are the top 5 all brown/red folk countries?
Some of the ugliest, blackist/brownist women on the planet come from india. Fck, the indians/pakis say their women are ugly. COME ON DUDES dont vote for your country vote for the country with the most beautiful women.

P.S. I know beauty is relative. we got this saying, it goes 'A chimpanzee looks like a gazelle in the eyes of his mother'. I guess this must be why India, Japan and philipinnes are up so high in the list that and their huge internet population. Anyways here's a real WHITE beauty check it out:

Miss Lebanon:

Voted : Canada
It's a true mosaic of beauty!
None is a match for Argentines!!!
Voted : USA
America no doubt. The most beautiful women from evey country come to America for work, freedom, and so on. Here is where you'll find them. USA. Keep coming ladies, your more than welcome. Especially you hispanic women, love you all. Lynn, Mass...JL
Voted : Sweden
Was just with a bunch of swedish girls in ireland!! amazing all round,personality and looks
this is stupid...
Voted : Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia..
Many beautiful faces in many places of the world. I pick those 3 countries cause if U ever go to any of those countries, and you go out in the street you see a lot of pretty faces in many places you go with a gorgeous body too. Not kidding. And I am from Central America by the way.
Brazil:it is true, nice body, but not all the prettiest face. USA:The problem is that a lot of this woman are living here now, but many were not originally born here. But hey, the more here the better for USA.
I can say Philippines,natural beauties and sizzling HOT...
Voted : Somalia
somalians are the hotest i must say sorry but the reast aren't making the cut
South american girls are the most beautiful girls on earth. I love colombians.
i think definitely INDIA,,indian women are very2 beautiful
Voted : South Africa
I've been working with a South African woman for over a year now, wow she's so gorgeous.

She's already married though. ;(

Voted : Argentina
Argentina. I've lived here a while and I've got to say, it's a great blend of European and Latino heat my friends.
Philippine women are the most beautiful. Not only in the outside, but also inside. They are talented, smart, and very caring. The have many personalities. They are beautiful in appearance with or without make-up. The got on the toplist for their natural beauty!
the usa??? everyone there just looks bland. japan's got really beautiful people everyone there is hot!
India has won Miss World 3 times.
sorry twice. india is the only country to have won Miss.World twice. ashwaria rai is considered to be the most beautiful person on earth (from india)

so i change from japan to india. :D

russia,russia and russia!!!
asian-they look like the birds,american-they all look the same ,RUSSIAN-the best!!!!!
This is ridicoulous.I don't understand why certain countries were removed from this ballot!I had to enter again Sweden,Greece and Mexico(I wrote Greece twice by mistake).These countries have gorgeous women too and i don't get why they were removed.If you wanna have fair voting you should allow all countries.Seriously why is Phillipines allowed as a choice 3 and 4 times in each ballot(3 in this to be exact)and certain countries are completely deleted?Please be fair and don't try to block other choices.
Voted : iceland
iceland is totally famous for being pretty
of course philippines we filipinas has a misture of spanish-japanese insecurities guyssss........bleeeeeh:P
for me beauty is what you see and like. it does not matter what race or culture. beauty is all of u - character, dispositions, reactions, and whatever any one that likes u found in you to want to be with u
Voted : cyprus
cypriot girlz are the most beautiful on earth. though they are brainless and not exposed. thats why you wouldnt hear anything about them. they dont participate in sport or any social forum. thats the c i used in the cypriot is a small letter cos i dont regard them as human. just a bunch of....
hey... Philippines are the exact opposite of the cypriots. no offence.. i am just sharing my view
The votes here are irrelevant. Everyone will vote for their own nation first, rendering the whole ballot pointless. Anpother thing that I have noticed on BW is that any ballot with more than a couple of thousand votes is most likely to have been rigged by votespamming. When the number of votes far exceed the number of comments, that leads to the strong suspicion that most of the votes aren't legitimate. Particularly on any controversial subject.
Voted : Australia
totally have to agree with everyone who voted australia (even though that's only 'bout 2 people) we've got the best looking girls here :)
1% are you Fucking crazy! All latin
spanish speaking women are totally
hot, what a bunch asswipes! You fuckers must never get any pussy!

Voted : Japan
Most beautiful: France, Japan, Brazil, Sweden

Most ugly: Germany and Great Britain

Poland produces only skanks. Trust me. I know first-hand.
do not forget Ukraine!
Voted : Germany
These are my Top 10 favorite Nationalities of Women that I like the most but I could be wrong even by my own standards and I'm sure everybody is different to a Degree.1 Germany 2 Sweden 3 Ireland 4 Hungary 5 Norway 6 Czech Republic 7 Lebanon 8 Finland 9 Italy 10 Brazil Some of my all time favorite Women were Female Bodybuilder's with a German-Irish mix in them!

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