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I have a cop friend. Okay, he doesn't work a beat, and his work is quite specialized; but, he is one of the few cops that I know who actually has a sense of humor. Why is it that so few cops have a decent sense of humor?

Because often humor is intended as an insult and perceived as disrespect, which cops can't abide by.
Because they have to deal with a$$holes like you every day.
They do have good senses of humor; you're an a$$hole.
a$$holes don't usually have senses of humor
other, see comment

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I'm voting right away before the ballot's other voters show up. I do think that most humor contains a bit of insult in it; and, it is best received when shared with close friends. If someone I didn't know came up to me and said "why is it that (my occupation) has a bunch of losers in it?" I'd be offended to; however, I wouldn't have the power to become punitive about it; so, probably no one would no any the better.
^Know any the better, KNOW, (i can't believe I made THAT spelling error)
also ^ I'd be offended TOO T-O-O. what a bad speller I've become.
People try to avoid humanizing the speeder because it makes it easier to ticket him/her. If you can get a cop laughing, you are halfway home to a free pass.
They are very humorous with each other. But they deal with scum every day who might pull a gun on them, so they've learned not to relax and get giggly. Just my opinion.

Interesting point.

Would you want his job?
Would you DO his job,
- for THAT salary?

Don't ask silly questions.

Because they spend all their time dealing with the trash of humanity on a daily basis.

There's nothing funny about that.

This is an accurate stereotype. Probably from having such a miserable job.

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