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[+] serious ballot by blackcat06

Based on what you know about history over the last 2000 years, what do you think?

Remember that:

When white man arrived in North America, there were about 5,000,000 native red indians. After 20 years of European occupation, several wars and deliberate hunting and destruction of most of the buffalo herds (the Indian's primary food supply)... this population dropped to only about 250,000 native Indians.

When white Europeans landed in Australia, they killed over 40,000 native black aborigines in a deliberate campaign of genocide and slaughter.

During World War 1, over 21 million people died for no good reason.

During World War 2, over 50 million people died, also for no good reason. Who do you think paid for Hitler's rise to power, and who PAID for the growth of his army?

Given some of these facts, ask yourself: Which RACE of human beings has proven itself to be the most aggressive, violent and harmful compared to other races of people? Which RACE has been involved in more killing and imperial military invasions and occupations of other countries than any other RACE?

This goes the heart of the question about "racial superiority"... since nobody can choose their genetics or their parents...

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LCD : on Oct 06, 2014 because Nelson Mandela is a nigger.

Caucasians, Europeans, "Whites"
Asians: Chinese, Japanese, oriental/eastern countries
Blacks: Africans, Papua New Guineans, Aborigines, etc
Middle-Eastern/Arabs: Iraqis, Iranians, Pakistanis, Indians
Polynesians, Pacific Islanders
Native Indians of North & South America (asian descendants)

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Non-white people living on this planet: 87%

White caucasians living on this planet: 13%

Total wealth of the entire world owned or controlled by whites: Over 80%

Numerically, it's probably a toss up between the Europeans, the Arabs, the Japanese, and the Red Chinese. The longest time period would have to go to the Arabs, whose expansionist period, with accompanying genocides, begins in the 7th century C.E. and only sputters out in the 14th, when the Turks and other coreligionists pick up the torch. In terms of total number of years, this exceeds the period of European colonialism starting in the early 16th century and ending in the 20th. Tens of millions of non-Muslims died in India alone. As for World War II, yes, the Germans did quite a number...but so did the Japanese, who wiped out ten million or more by conservative estimates. They certainly weren't underwritten by any Western powers. As far as World War I, it was largely white-on-white violence, especially if you consider the Turks as "white," so that your implied argument deflates substantially at that juncture. I mean, if the Euros are so racist, it undercuts your premise if one of their worst bloodbaths consisted of Brits, French, and Americans ganging up on Austro-Hungarians, Germans, and Turks.

Yes, Europeans and their cousins have behaved badly, but they're scarcely alone...

If one analyses the last 500 years, it is probably the West.

If it is the last 2000 years, it is more difficult to say.

If it is the last ten years, it most-likely is not the West, and is probably another civilisation. Huntington would argue (not that I necessarily agree with him) that it is Islamic civilisation that has caused most conflict in the past ten years- looking at civil wars, separatist movements, fault-line wars and terrorism. But there is also a chance it is black Africans (killing each other in brutal civil wars and even in genocide).

By the way, Hindu Indians are scarcely classifiable as "Arabs" or "Middle Eastern," either culturally or racially.
Your statement regarding Australia is just plain wrong
'Total wealth of the entire world owned or controlled by whites: Over 80%'

It just proves that 87% of people living on the planet aren't prepared to make the effort to work for it. :o)

^ Make that 67%.
^ Or whatever the f*ck it is ;o)
Middle-Easterners minus South Indians are the same race as Europeans. Hispanic/Mexican is not a race.

Going purely by quanitity. Caucasians have killed the most and brought the most misery. They have also developed the technologies that allow a global population of over 6 billion people and brought the most prosperity to the world.

Relative to their population. Sub-Saharan Afrcians have probably caused the most misery and killed the most people.

Pakistan and India are both Asian countries. You lumping them into the middle east indicates geographical confusion.

Interestingly enough no mention has been made of the Crusades (religious war) or the Inquisition (religious cleansing) or the so called "troubles" in Ireland, which were between Protestants and Catholics.

this is possibly the first ballot on this forum I could take seriously, and has raised several issues which give me food for thought.

My personal belief is that you cannot say one race or culture is more aggressive than another. We are all capable of committing the most degrading and inhumane acts against each other, as well as the little slights and hurts we can cause to others each day.

This is a terrible ballot, to say the least. Im all for discussing racial matters like this ( note: the politically correct crew are strangely absent from this ballot), but your entire ballot description is subjective, misleading, and biased.
Presumably Cathexis will have something to say about the poor quality of this ballot, and Steel will have something to say about the "racist" assertion It makes. Lets make sure they know its here eh?


The categories you listed here are rather arbitrary categories of race. As pointed out before, Hispanics/Mexicans isn't a race, neither is the Middle-eastern category.

While you make some good points regarding the Native Americans and aboriginal tribes in Australia, the others are misleading. World War 1 was fought primarily between Caucasians. World War 2 was started by Japan, Germany and Italy. The majority of lives lost were also Caucasian or Japanese or Japanese perpetrated.

China, under Mao slaughtered 40 million people, Genghis Khan engaged in wholesale slaughter of people, Cambodia suffered a loss of around 2 million people due to Pol Pot. Africa has suffered a number of genocides/wars in the past 50-60 years. This includes Rwanda, Congo, and Sudan. These were perpetrated by the people living there against their neighbors.

"During World War 2, over 50 million people died, also for no good reason. Who do you think paid for Hitler's rise to power, and who PAID for the growth of his army?"

This is misleading as well. Germans paid for it. Russia, the US, UK, and other Europeans paid a high cost to stop this tyrant. Was it worth trying to stop? Obviously. Of course it should never have happened, but neither should Pol Pot or Mao.

History has certainly shown that any group of people is capable of committing barbaric acts.

"Non-white people living on this planet: 87%
White Caucasians living on this planet: 13%
Total wealth of the entire world owned or controlled by whites: Over 80%"

Problem? Yes. However, the overwhelming number of scientific or industrial advances of the past 500 years have been made by "white" Caucasian. Also, so has the concept of human rights, democracy, etc. Engaging in fair trade with all countries is way to gradually reduce the imbalance. More radical ways like communism will only reduce the overall wealth for all and will make matters worse for everyone.

Hi, lil_ape. You're right ... I find that trying to categorize by race is ultimately a futile endeavor, as race is far too generic a term and any attempt to establish this would require gross over- generalization.

Now, as to culture ... OK, as usually used, that might be a valid question.

Either Klingons or Leprechauns.

brake_4_penguins - Australia? I'm afraid you are wrong. I'm not sure about statistics, but there was indeed an attempted genocide. Especially in Tasmania.
If your going to split hairs about race then apart from africa we are all the same race. So clearly its us.
Yes! It is us. We are all from Lucy, who was from Africa.
Yay! We're #1! IC_mojotu
Whites are without peer when it comes to killing. Too often we look at the at the athletic prowess of Blacks and see them as the best suited for violence, but games are make-believe violence. War, the dealing of death to others, is the province of the White race.

I mean, look around you, how did Whites, representing only 12 percent of the world's population end up on the top of the food chain, monopolizing 65 percent of the earth's resources?

Of course Whites are the most violent when it comes to organized death dealing. Think about that the next time you pour that glass of Dom Perignon -- or swill down 3000 calories at a setting. Your blood soaked ancestors; those steely-eyed dealers of death which you pretend to condemn in your parlor rooms and churches -- make your position in the world possible.

Why deny it? Why feel guilty (the most useless of human emotions)? Embrace those fearsome White predators who extinguished whole tribes, races, and nations so that you could enjoy your tea in a comfortable place.

You are them, and they are you. Get used to it because you may need to remember who you are soon.

brake_4_penguins you are correct, I believe it was much more than 40,000 Aboriginals who were either killed outright or by stealth (introduced disease etc)

Don't forget the Aboriginal people were not even counted as citizens on the census until after the referendum held in the early 1960s.

My ears were burning, happens when people talk about me.

As to the ballot, well whats the point, right wingers will justify all sorts of genocide while I attempt to prove a point that falls on deaf ears.

C'est la vie.

Look at the crime rates in America, then look at the average ethnicity of the criminal, then compare with the constant violence/genocide etc etc in Africa.

The only reason white people own 65% of the world is because they have always been so much more advanced than the rest of the world. The temptation to dominate was inevitable.

Im not sure what more ludicrous, the assertion that white is right by 'Im not a racist honest' lilape or his loose reading of history.

YOUR interpretation of both is ridiculous im afraid, re-read my comment if you will. xxx
Read it and the reread it several times, and it is obvious what you point is.
More obvious to you than me apparently, have you ever considered a career in the circus Steel?

When I said that "white people" OWN over 80% of the world's wealth, I am talking about control over printed money and control of land and property...

Over 70% of businesses in China and India are currently controlled/managed by European & US corporations....

Just look at what the US and European banks, as members of the IMF / World Bank, have done to most 3rd world and developing countries over the last 30-40 years...

Looting, pillaging, destruction of jobs and increasing their debts... turning all other races into virtual economic "slaves"...

Just look at the currency exchange rates! eg. US$1 can pay for 2 days salary for an average Sri Lankan worker! or 2.5 hours work for an average Filippino... yet in the US, this can buy a can of soft-drink.

What kind of trading system have white people set up for themselves? The British Pound & Euro can even buy more than this! Yes, most developed white countries have huge trade deficits and import much more than they export, yet they enjoy higher buying power advantages due to the higher exchange rates...

Why? Because the entire financial system is controlled by racist white people. Slavery is still well and alive today and that is why you have so much outsourcing of skilled manufacturing and production & programming jobs from the white countries, all heading to the cheap labour (non-white) countries.

I am thinking purely in terms of numbers of deaths. It seems that even today's white leaders are killing their own kind, just for profit. See Ballot 93275 to get an idea of what I am talking about.

"Racial superiority" my foot. I'm descended from Constantine the Great and William the Conqueror, and I can't think of a damn thing they did that was beneficial.

My answer to this is purely based on culture. The Western world has been responsible for more pain, misery, and death than any other culture in 10000 years of history!

The only reason white people own 65% of the world is because they have always been so much more advanced than the rest of the world. The temptation to dominate was inevitable.
by lil_ape on Jun 08, 2006 12:34am

Sorry for the late response - I have been away.

Arab cultures were far more advanced than the Europeans in the period we now call the Dark Ages. Which is why Europeans were driven out of Outremer in the 12th and 13th centuries.
The truly enlightened Europeans looked East for their education in Maths and Science.

After the collapse of the Holy Roman Empire and the subsequent loss of papal control (followed by a consequent decline in religious authority) the West began to flourish. Religious domination however held the Arab nations in a kind of stasis with no further development.

The West's dominance in technology was best shown how? With the literal dominance over other nations. From world wars to the genocides in the Americas - western whites have shown their "power" using brute force to wipe out weaker nations who oppose them.

You seem to have no problem with the "temptation to dominate". you seem to brandish this as a positive trait!

Well, the fundamentalist Muslims want to dominate YOU. Have some respect!

Voted : Hispanic/Mexican
The problem with this poll is tha most Imperialism is commited by countries and not races. This poll is wrought with fallacy.
Otherwise, I'd say the English.

Anyone who says Middle-eastern arabs is just stupid.
everyone one knows that causasians have coused the most war and suffering to others than any other race. Look at the crusades, look at the black slave trade for bloody hell sake!
Voted : Middle-Eastern/Arabs: Iraqis, Iranians, Pakistanis, Indians
In recent history, yes. Longer than that, I'm not so sure. The Native Americans killed each other, the Africans continue to kill each other today, the Asians killed each other, the Whites killed each other, the Middle Easterners kill each other. They have all fought each other at some point.

I'm not sure any race has a monopoly death and destruction.

I'm guessing the person who wrote this question is not white and is forgetting about the blacks killing and the browns killing and the yellows killing in recent history... or even today. I mean, who today, thinks its there God given duty to blow themselves and other people up? Or the black African tribes that keep killing other tribes.. just because they are different.

I don't know many white people who believe in mass killing today. I think the whites have started to mature past violence, as some of the other raxes are as well. This is like blaming the sins of the parents on the children.

Some sxamples for you: Thousands of years ago, Monguls continually raided China and raped and killed everyone. Japan continually invaded most of Asian and did the same. African tribes commit genocide in Africa on a daily basis... today. Extreme Muslims kill each other and others on a daily basis... today. Native American tribes often fought with each other hundreds of years ago before the whites showed up.

Plus lets not forget than most societies do not have an free press, so violence by other races are often less reported (example: all the genocide in Africa receives little airtime because anyone who is there to report it would get killed).

So, what about all that violence by non-whites? Is that just to be ignored so we can blames whites on all the world's problems? True, the white race may not be perfect, but if you look at world history you will see whites are not the only violent ones. Every race in the world has blood on their hands.

shouldn't you consider 'reasons for killing'?
You forgot the Jews.

WHO were the primary movers and shakers in the slave trade? The Jews

WHO caused WWII with behind the scenes manipulation and pushed America to enter that war? The Jews.

WHO developed and implemented Communism, the most oppressive economic system known to man which killed 100 million people in the 20th Century?

WHO controls our modern day media and manipulated Americans into fighting a war with Iraq? The Jews.

Whoever wrote this question is CLEARLY encouraging people to vote "Whites" as the most violent race.

But in actuality, whites are fairly decent people who simply wish to be LEFT ALONE.

Yes, they owned slaves - so did the rest of the world. The ONLY way whites are different in regards to slavery is that whites are the ONLY group which FREED THIER SLAVES!

Yes, whites killed indians. And indians killed whites. It's called territory, animal nature, survival of the fittest. It was the 1800's for God's sake....

Whites for the most part are decent people. The constant racial agitation and demonization of whites is caused by ONE PEOPLE and that is THE JEWS!!!!

Ebony and Ivory, living together in perfect, harmony...

Oh I love that old tune, it's a beauty.

No shit, Shylock.
what does it matter the race or culture it's happening all the time and there are more than one race doing it
for the record: crusades, the inquisition, colonialism, gratuitous use of disease to kill off indiginous populations in north & south america, overwelming greed & an overt war against anyone either "not christian" or generally "not white" gets the white man top billing from me. how many civil wars has the white man started up in third world countries then left? (cambodia, viet nam, most of africa...)
Voted : Caucasians, Europeans, "Whites"
barbarian turks ofcourse
Kudos to whoever made this ballot. A perfect question to ask to get everyone pissed off and violent. lol Wow...
Voted : Caucasians, Europeans, "Whites"
im a firm believer that people are people and that there are bad humans everywhere but the proof is in the pudding i don't need to say it's very evident
Voted : Polynesians, Pacific Islanders
Watch out for them Polynesians. They don't think that building factories in foreign countries somehow offsets kiling millions of people on wars of conquest.
Them Polynesians is against progess!

Blacks make up 10 percent of the U.S. population. However they represent 70 percent of the U.S. prison population!!!!!!! hmmmmmm...
Just a sidenote--not a contention--the Australian aborigines were not back. They were actually a NON-NEGROID red-skinned ethnic group unto themselves and many were naturally blond and redheaded.
homo gummintiens

when slavery was "abolished" vagrancy laws,amongst others were brought in

Voted : Caucasians, Europeans, "Whites"

Crusades WHITEY 1 WORLD 0


WWII WHITEY 1 WORLD 0 (okay, so Europe won and lost there, but the whiteys still won, right?)

Indian Removal of the 1800s WHITEY 1 WORLD 0

Jewish Genocide WHITEY 6MIL WORLD 2mil, MAYBE.



WHO is the super-troll?

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