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When the Scottish play in the world cup, or any other sports competition, the rest of the British Isles pretty much unambiguously support them, and likewise for any other home nation. Yet, when England play sports (particularly the world cup) the Scottish refuse to support them, often Publicly supporting their international rivals over them, Andrew Murray, the up and coming tennis player for example, seems to represent the sentiments of the Scottish nation. Why is this? Are they jealous, or just bad sportsman?

Sour grapes
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Haha, too true. While we're on the subject of the Scots, the Scots who are so ferociously proud of Scotland. If they're so proud of Scotland why are most of them hanging 'round wearin' urine soaked trousers, and shouting obscenities at people passisng by, from shop doorways in london
^ Shit, sorry Steel ;o)
Something you should know, lil_ape:

It's not a question of jealousy so much as a collective genetic memory of betrayal and old wrongs. Scottish people - at least some Scottish people can never forgive 'your' English ancestors for ancient wrongdoings and bloodshed perpetrated upon our clansmen and women.

Nothing personal to the present generation of English-born peeps, but...

Perhaps, in the not-so-long-distant future, those Scottish people who are still reluctant to let go and forgive those old wrongs perpetuated on our ancestors from the powers-that-be south of the border, will learn how to forgive and move on.

I myself am working on it.

by zig [+]

As an Englishman I'm disgusted by many Scots' warped hatred for us. It's blatant but what the fuck have I done like, you know??
Big chips on shoulders, a bit sad in this day and age It's like English people pissing and bitching about the Romans we just don't do it.
Scottish people have long memories, and unlike the Romans which was 1700 years ago, the destruction of the Scottish culture is still recent enough for feelings to run high.

I couldn't care less wether England win or not, I'm a neutral and just want to see a good game, and let the best team win.

If its England, then ok, although having to hear them bang on about it for another 40 years is going to be annoying.

Its not just the scottish. id say the welsh and irish are quite happy to see england lose. In fact most european countries dont want england to win. why single out the scots?

Look at this match today. An unfortunate start and an injury by paraguay are seen as an oppertunity by the english commentators. Now if that had been argentina for example, these same commentators would be aghast at the lack of sportmanship shown by the "argies"

Makes me want Paraguay to score to be perfectly honest.

^I'm quite sure that's a mistake and the Irish are behind England. Our relations with the Irish are a lot better than the Scots/Welsh and I fucking adore 'em. A great and gracious people.

And if you wanted someone on your side in a fight, it would be an Irishman.

^ maybe, but genocide isnt something people forget easily.
Scottish people have long memories, and unlike the Romans which was 1700 years ago, the destruction of the Scottish culture is still recent enough for feelings to run high.

Sorry to here it's going to take over 1,000 years for the sulking to stop.

destruction of the Scottish culture
by Steelhamster on Jun 10, 2006 5:24am

Hmm like what? i't's your fault if you don't wear a skirt, learn Scots or don't eat Haggis.

Get along with your life instead of ranting about the past.

^ lmao
oh this is just too funny. how fucking ironic. we're loving this.
Something hypocritical in my comments Kev? or have you developed a mega crush on me ?
I must be the only one who knows Scottish and Irish history when its comes to relationships with the English.

Anyway, I don'y hate the English, I'm just a neutral when it comes to sport.

Something hypocritical in my comments Kev? or have you developed a mega crush on me ?
by isay on Jun 10, 2006 2:58pm

^^ excuse me? don't fucking insult me. did i say my comments were directed to you? don't assume they're about you. got it? please don't ever insult me again jackass. now i am pissed. a crush on you. get fucked dickwad.

but i will say this isay, you're all losing your cool all over the place. and yeah, most of us are laughing are asses off. can you imagine why? now go fuck off.
This really pisses me off. Genocide, the destruction of Scotland. What about Northern England. How many times did the Scots invade England? Shit loads. Am I missing something, or did battles like Humbleton Hill and Flodden happen on the English side of the border after the Scots had invaded England, just like they did on a number of occasions. Furthermore, alot of the alledged English crimes committed against the Scots were purpetrated by other Scotsmen. At the battle of Culloden there were as many Scotsmen on the side of the Crown as there were on that of the Jacobnites, but no, that was the nasty English vs the gallant Highlander Scots. And heres another thing, Edward I, hammer of the Scots was a French twat, just like all the nobility at the time. Given that the English themselves were under foreign rule and had no say in any matters concerning invasions of Scotland, or anywhere else, I dont see how the English can be held responsible for them, then or now.
Lowland Scotland was always culturally and ethnically related to Northern England. They didn't were kilts, they didnt speak Gaelic and they hated the Highlanders more than they hated the English. Only in the early 19th century after Walter Scott did the Lowlanders create this myth that they were the same as there highland neighbours. Furthermore, England is so bad to Scotland yet we have subsidised it for 300 years. Even without all the English taxpayers money going North, how many Scots earn there living down South? A fair few. So maybe instead of this constant bitterness, which is getting worse, they might want to start being a bit friendlier to the English, otherwise they might not get any more pocket money.

My background is over 75% Scot so I'm refraining from saying something nasty. However what you're saying is just a stereotype like all Englishmen have bad teeth ;)
^does that refer to me
And for the record my background is 50% Irish, and the other 50% Scottish and Welsh.
Something hypocritical in my comments Kev? or have you developed a mega crush on me ?

Received karma rating of : -5 from Kev24
For the Ballot comment#1028918.php @
- fuck you. don't insult me like that. my comment has nothing to do with you. asshole.

Can't where the isult is by me.

^ really? you can't see the insult? figures. read your comment again and then go to that other ballot and read your comment there too. fact is, the insult is clear on a number of levels. i'm pretty sure you see it. and show the neg rating all you want. no one is going to feel sorry for you. i never give out neg karma. its very rare. but maybe i'll start -- too bad for you that it starts with you. next time you're exchaning comments with people, keep it on track, okay?

don't see the inlult my ass.

Break the comment down for me into why it insults you.

Something hypocritical in my comments Kev? Thats a normal question.

or have you developed a mega crush on me ? Another simple queston, if i was gay would that make it less insulting, Or is it the fact i'm Heterosexual and you took it as being Homophobic?

^ isay, this exchange, on ever level, is over. move on or keep it going. if you want to keep it going, you're going to be doing so on your own. i have no interest in dealing with you in any way. keep trying to back-peddle.
No didn't think when i broke it down for to explain how my comment was insulting. I knew you couldn't back your point up, oh well never mind i guess you feel you must have hit a brick wall with this one.
^ yo, isay. are you stupid? i don't think so. so here it is again, so you can maybe, just maybe process it.

you and i have barely exchanged a few words on this site. i comment on this ballot. a ballot not by you, i add.

here is my first comment on this ballot --

oh this is just too funny. how fucking ironic. we're loving this.
by Kev24 on Jun 10, 2006 1:06pm

here is your reply --

Something hypocritical in my comments Kev? or have you developed a mega crush on me ?
by isay on Jun 10, 2006 2:58pm

now note: in my comment, did i at all mention you? nope. not in the slightest. my comment was a general one. clearly, you insult me, knowing i'm gay with the line "or do you have a mega crush on me." what was that all about? you first jump to conclusions that the comment is directed at you. it was not. instead of asking me if it was, you get personal and make a very obvious comment meant to degrade me.

now keep in mind, on the other ballot in question, you do the exact same thing. you take a comment that is not in any way about you and you make it about you and jump to yet again, the wrong conclusion and in that ballot, you write something like "i wouldn't want to have my pants down around my ankles around you kev."

funny. not really. see, if the comments i made had been directed at you, that would be one thing. but they were not, and in fact, my comments were do different than ones euros make to americans all the time.

so what this is really about, is you over-reacting to something that had nothing at all to do with you.

i think you're ebarassed now and you're just digging yourself in deeper and deeper.

This is not a British desease like some missinformed people think.
Many nations have a worst problem across the globe. Half the time English fans are provoked into conflict then get blamed for starting violence.

interesting question. do you see the irony in it? i won't comment further, except to ask, do you see the irony in it all? think about it.
by Kev24 on Jun 10, 2006 6:57am

Just because some Americans do some wrong i don't sterotype them all the same unlike some in this thread. So Kev redirect the same question to a few other names in here.
by isay on Jun 10, 2006 10:05am

^ why? if an american wrote what you just wrote, and i agree with you by the way, we'd be told "ahh, stupid americans, blah, blah, blah.

just like you point out that english fans are provoked or just as you point out that it not all that behave this way, we point out the same about ourselves. instead of me redirecting the comment to some of your fellow euros, maybe its you who should tell them that they are giving the rest of you a bad name. fair, right?

its just funny for us to see these ballots and comments -- sort of like someone let a little light in on the reality and lots of folks got caught with their pants down.
by Kev24 on Jun 10, 2006 1:05pm

So that little up arrow ^ means Your'e not addressing me GET YOUR FACTS CORRECT.

you write something like "i wouldn't want to have my pants down around my ankles around you kev."

Acually i said after you said to me its just lots of folks got caught with their pants down.
by Kev24 on Jun 10, 2006 1:05pm

Lets not discuss having being caught with my pants down around my ankles with you Kev!

Having said that which is just a bit of mild humour i bet you also now think i'm Homophobic as well as anti-American.

And omg was i right!

Yeah like isay said the English are hardly the worst hooligans. During the 1994 world cup, 26 people were killed in bar brawls directly related to the competition in Colombia alone.

Luckily these type of fans are too poor to travel. Can you imagine the shit that would go on if these animals were able to attend overseas competition??

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