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[+] serious ballot by zig

Think about the big picture if you can, instead of focusing on this or that policy.

What is the desired legacy of the Bush administration upon Americans and the American way of life?

Fear and social oppression
The erosion of Constitutional rights
The dissolution of borders between Mexico and Canada
A state of eternal debt
A state of stupor and confusion
None of the above
All of the above
Other (please comment)

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What his legacy will be will be All of the Above.

His desired legacy ...? I can't begin to even guess. Whatever it is, his fundemantal incompetence guarantees it won't come about.

I'm not sure kangaroos should be in that picture... Imagine donkeys and elephants instead. ;)
by zig [+]

'it won't come about.'

I think (I hope) you're right. It's already folding like the House of Cards it is and always was.
by zig [+]

_Beelzebubba_Dubya Lining the pockets of the rich at the expense of the working people.
I disargee with you in one way, Cathexis. I think that his (Mister Bush's) incompetence is overshadowed by the supreme competence of those cronies about him. The vision and designs they have upon this country belong to those who are *running* them.
Yes, but evil never prospers, Truth.. well, not forever. neutral
by zig [+]

every definiton of Debt that I can think of.
by Jyl [+]

All of the above. Plus, World War III and the destruction of Earth.
The creation of a theocratic, fascist police state.
Don't know about 'the destruction of earth' but otherwise, what Mysticalnight sais.

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