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[+] joke ballot by zacam1

For some time now my wife refuses to have sex. This makes me angry, but I have not snapped. Yet. What am I to do?

Spank the monkey
Spank the bitch
Become a priest, at least that way I can get some ass.
Shower more often
It's the crabs, zac!
Divorce her! DUH!
Buy a dog to fuck
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If she is not willing to Iam sure you will find someone to beast
Welcome to the hell called Marriage. You are the latest Prisoner Of Love. You sold your soul for pussy and now your life is forever ruined.

MEN: Do not dance with the devil. Stay Single, NEVER get married and be held hostage by a pussy.

Voted : Divorce her! DUH!
I saw a woman in a tshirt that said "I have the pussy, I make the rules." How sad but true.
Men should not be allowed to marry till their 50.

Start bringing women home and screwing thme is YOUR bed when she is home.

If she doesn't like it she can either leave or put out.

Hahahahah, trying being a good lay and maybe she'll get some enjoyment out of it, you selfish twit.
Hell, or you can take your pathetic ass and go fuck a fish, hahahahah.

Seriously though, maybe it is her, this isn't all that uncommon. The usual is that she doesn't enjoy it. Them being all emotional and what not is really such a bother.

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