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There are jackasses in every race and you shouldn't hate a whole group of people because one or a few screwed you over. Needless to say, which country do you think harbors those full of hate, and contempt for others?
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LCD : on Oct 10, 2014 because The nigger countries.

North USA
Southern U.S.
North Korea
Saudi Arabia
Every single Muslim country
South Africa
Wal-Mart! Just look at how they treat their minority employees...
Wal-Mart is not a country you idiot... it's not even funny!
BARBADOS, Caribbean.
New Zealand
South Korea
All of the white ones
Africa (Excluding the white people living there)
It's Turkey of course
Puerto Rico
Black people in America are most racist

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The Japanese are probably the most racist people on the planet.The Japanese are so racist that they pressure Korean and Chinese immigrants to change their names to sound more Japanese.Moreover if you ever watch anime you will notice that racist caricatures such as the nappy haired,coal black,big lipped black person are still common place.It's funny how the Japanese never draw themselves as short with slanted eyes.I guess only sterotypes about other people are true.
Racism and prejudice are everywhere. They just manifest themselves different from culture to culture and country to country.
Corrupt, the Japanese might seem more racist towards other groups of people because Japan is 98% Japenese and 2% immigrants. It is a fairly closed society.
Japan is the only modern country where I couldn't even get in a gay bar because I was white and/or American...
by MO_ [+]

Japan isn't as bad as people make it out to be.

Visitors to Japan are often hurt and confounded when turned away from bars and restaurants etc but this is not racist. the simple reason is most japanese people don't speak english and they could not possibly help you - menus for example are not dual language.

Comments like "the Japanese never draw themselves as short with slanted eyes" are brimming with racist, narrow minded overtones and I would serious question anyone who has never been to Japan without a bilingual guide.

MO_ is not alone in being rejected by establishments but I guarantee that had he a guide/interpreter there would have been no problem.

From personal experience the most racist people I have met have been English, American and Australian.

the least racist culture I have spent time in is in the Philippines - but they judge your worth financially and genealogically, which is just as bad.

Still, you wont get you head kicked in for being a different colour than anyone else.

"the Japanese never draw themselves as short with slanted eyes" are brimming with racist, narrow minded overtones"

I dunno, Wide. Have you seen anime? Anime caractures with large, expressive eyes, and white skin are done in an attempt to make fun of Westterners.

MO_, that's actually kinda funny, sorry.
by aya [+]

Wide I made those comments to show how obsurd and ridiculous sterotypes of any race are and not because I hate Japanese people.I never been to Japan but from what I hear in the media Japanese bar/nightclub owners don't want non-Japanese in their bars because they lack proper etiquette and make Japanese patrons feel uncomfortable.To me the etiquette or langauage barrier explaination for why Japanese bar owners don't want non-Japanese in their bars is just a cover for deep rooted hatred of foreigners.Apparantly the Japanese Courts agree with me because in the past they have ruled in favor of non-Japanese who sued bar owners who refused them service.
Yeah, when I was stationed in Japan 20 years ago, they had signs outside the restaurants that said "Japanese Only" to keep the Americans out.
Widehead: a restaurant in the US has a big sign outfront saying "no mexicans allowed".

Would you A) say this is racist and unfair, or B) point out that they are simply trying to avoid confusion because they probably don't speak spanish in the restaurant and can't be expected to explain the menu to these visitors.

Somehow I doubt you'd be so understanding if americans did this.

Please don't apply a double standard. Banning foreigners is discriminatory. You can point out that no one speaks english and they're on their own, but you shouldn't prevent them from entering entirely. You know you wouldn't tolerate whites doing this to non-whites, so please, don't make excuses simply because the rules of political correctness prevent you from criticizing a non-white group.

How anyone can claim the USA as having the most racist people is incredible!

The USA has the MOST DIVERSE population ON THE PLANET.

Racially, Culturally, Religiously, financially, you name it America is the most diverse.

It is also the most TOLERANT nation in the world. For that much diversity to co-exist on a daily basis and be contstructive and NOT destructive is a MIRACLE for nowere on the planet!

Russia is probably one of the more racist nations out there, along with japan and china.
It depends on where you are in a country, too. In the U.S., Texas is far more racist than many other parts of America.
cranky have you ever even been to Texas?IC_mrusa
^^^^^^^^, Wide... Actually, while we were attempting to enter the bar, then ejected, a small crowd of patrons gathered (the patrons loved white boys) and several followed us out of the bar. They spoke English very well... they explained I would not be able to enter this bar, nor most of the others. They took us across town to a mostly ghetto area, down an ally to a bar where they allowed us to enter through the back door, no pun intended, to a total dive. I was the tallest person there @ 6'... I was afraid I was going to step on somebody.

They explained that a lot of Japanese will not date, or socialize, outside their nationality... especially with other asian countries.

We were never treated disrespectfully outside of not being allowed in certain social settings.

Although, while in Australia and New Zealand, the Japanese treated the locals horribly... the locals pretty much detested the Japanese too... it took me awhile to figure out what a "Bloody Nip" was.

I was told the animosity is remnant of the war.
by MO_ [+]

Voted : Brits
"You know you wouldn't tolerate whites doing this to non-whites, so please, don't make excuses simply because the rules of political correctness prevent you from criticizing a non-white group."

Language is the issue NOT race, color or anything else.

Have you been to Japan with a Japanese guide/friend or whatever?

Graposts comment seems outrageous at face value - how dare they ban Americans?! But in the end it saved him and the people in the bar/restaurant a whole lot of unnecessary trouble. And anyway. even if they were being racist so were we 20 years before that so....

Anyway, it's not as bad as people make out - that's my point.

Diversity does not equal tolerance and I had to choke back the laughter at Grapost's hilarious comment about how tolerant Americans are.

Good to have you back herzog.

widehead: if it's about language then why specifically exclude americans? Does anyone else ever tour japan?

Why not say "only japanese is spoken here" or something to that effect. Only excluding americans when pretty much everyone else under the sun doesn't speak japanese as well smacks of discrimination.

Is this vote just by personal opinion? Where are the facts on this? Is this even based on any statistics?
{ Although, while in Australia and New Zealand, the Japanese treated the locals horribly...
by MO_ on Sun Aug 06, 06 10:46am}

I never saw such a thing. Ever. So I have no idea of where you came up with it, because that's not my experience either way...and the Japanese seem to love Aussies and Kiwis.

{ They explained that a lot of Japanese will not date, or socialize, outside their nationality...
by MO_ on Sun Aug 06, 06 10:46am}

My parents prove you wrong there. I know a huge number of mixed couples too. You only have to look at Japanese TV for a day to see the large number of kids and young people of mixed heritage.

{ Actually, while we were attempting to enter the bar, then ejected...
by MO_ on Sun Aug 06, 06 10:46am}

You should've taken them to court.

Japanese Laws forbids racial discrimination. Other peoople have taken nightclubs to court for acting that way, and have won.

I went to China, people were great to me... I was treated like a God... I recommend going if your a tall, blonde hair, blue eyed aryan male. They were so respectable.

Most racist country??? Every country going... I wouldn't say America because at least every person in American swear it's loyalty to America... I think Aussies are patriot (Which make others think they are racists). Probably Muslim nations as they think they are better than the rest... Their religion is accepted worldwide but does not register other religions in their community.

Voted : BARBADOS, Caribbean.
because of the combination of bad overcrowding on the island,
and a slavery of history on the sugar plantations.

...^^ let's try... "a history of Slavery".

THAT's better! apologies.

After what happened in New Orleans with the Katrina disaster, the USA demonstrated itself to be one of the most racist.
Hey, you forgot Canada.

Voted : France
damn frenchies
japanese are not racist, they are xenophobic...
Voted : Argentina
with no doubt argentina. if u re lookin' 4 whites girls. they r a mix of the best of european blondes with latin blood.
Voted : Japan
Also, Norway is racist but it's not on the list.
Corrupt, i am a japanese livin overseas. most of Chinese and Korean immigrants tend to chose Japaense names to avoid uneccesary discrimination. Yes, there are discrimination there I have to admit, but Japanese gov don't force them to change to Japanese names. Simply, there are limited Japanese characters to be used for names, and very often Korean and Chinese people cannot use their own characters as different language we use there(similar, but different). So they have to change to Japanese way (character) as that's the language we use. It's same as you cannot use a name with Russian alphabets on American legal documents.
Because I was badly treated, the racial discrimination?
This statistics are strange.

From the book i'm reading right now, i'm not sure you could be more racist than Saudi Arabia
i am japanese female.
and i don't like foreigners very much. because many foreigners never care about japan except for japanese girls. i met many, many guys who come to japan for girl-hunt. so i don't trust foreign guys. if you would say i am racict, they are the most racists & sexist....much more than me

Of course the highest racism is in Japan. May be take time but finally Japanese show racist felling that have inside. Racist means a people who believe superior to other only for his nationality or racial origen. However my experience is that they are not any superior. They only are organized, good workers and know how to copy or stolen the technology developed by other and then provide some improvements.
Netherlands is the racist country ever. the dutch people still live in white supremacy here. dontlet the coffeeshops an legal prostitution fool you.Dutch people are so racist, its like unbelievable. its like if your a non-white person its like living the second world war one more time. non white people in the netherlands are the new slaves
australia is by far THE most racist country!!!
Russia and Poland have the most racist population in the world.
El Salvador, Central America, is the most racist country in the world, where still black people is not allowed
I donot know about Japan.. But UK seems to be the most racist country especially when Asians anre considered.. They call them pakis and there is a lot of hate crime and even the governemnt supports such racism partially.

As for Americans,theyy are good people except for some nincompoops which can be found in most places. American government ensures as far as possible to have diversity & peace in theri society.

India is least racist. Infact it is the only country in the entire world to have given refuge to all kinds of people from the globe. Indians are very friendly to foreigners and give them good hospitality.

Voted : All of the white ones
They all eat mayonnaise right out of the jar with their silver spoons.
Voted : New Zealand
NZers are so racist, but so are almost every country, "All the White ones" are definatly not the most racist. All the muslim ones just hate the US and are more islamic supremests and sexcest.
u.s.a. sucks monkey balls.
Voted : U.S.A.
Many people are very racist in the united states
that was pretty gay
ive never been to japan or muslim country, but out of the "western" countries, it seems like usa is the most racist. i have met many muslims and they have been very friendly. in fact, a lot friendlier than westerners. it seems like most of them are not bothered that our militaries have invaded them and slaughtered their people. if the situation was reversed, i think things would be a lot different and you would see alot more hatred coming from westerners. in fact, we already see a lot of hatred coming from westerners. as far as the japanese go, they seem to really worship foreginers. ive noticed that a lot of their women date foreign guys, and their men dont seem to do anything about it. they dye their hair, and want to look white; copy foreigners. dont seem to have an identity of their own.

most of the racist websites are hosted in america, and seems like most of the racist trolls on the internet originate in america. i know that britain has certain laws against racism, but ive never heard of any laws against racism in america. rather ive mostly heard from americans that racism is freedom of speech. as for canada and australia, i dont consider them countries. they are just the 51st state.

America sucks,and i hope that on the day of judgment every racist Caucasian who perpetuated this suffers a painful death!!!!
This country is good for dividing the race relations of people of color.

hey zartan, shut the hell up. i almost agreed with most of the things you said up till the part about canada and australia being the 51st state. uh-huh. you do realise it was britain that colonised australia? anyway we're a sovereign state for oh, quite some time now, so come back when you know what you're talking about.
oops, correction: we've been
I dont think you guys are seeing this the right way...
I live in Europe so i can only speak of what i know...
Italy,Austria and Sweden are the only countries i know that have white supremacy parties in power...
In this countries is socialy acceptable to be racist...ther will be no solution as it is not a problem to them...this is rascism....France and Spain are going that way too.

And learn the difference between racism and cultural/social differencies.
Cultural differencies is to make jokes about how you look,talk,walk,etc...
Racism is to have spitting on you in the street just because you are black(happened to "Seu Jorge" a famous Brazilian singer while he was walking in the streets of Rome,not in the tourist area where they are all very friendly)

obviously India/ YOU BUNCH OF FUCKERS. India has 1.1 billion people and they still have the caste system. The cast system has been around for 4,000 years.

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