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Okay, so this guy wouldn't sell the Pill to a couple who already had four children and neither wanted - nor could afford - another. If people who ring up purchases at the cash register can make decisions about what people can buy based on their personal beliefs, what can we expect next?

I refuse to sell you this lipstick; you are a painted harlot and I won't encourage you.
I'm a vegan, and I refuse to sell you this meat, you heartless killer.
I refuse to fill your gas tank, you wasteful, unpatriotic SUV-driver.
I will not sell you this insulin, as it goes against God's will.
Alchohol kills. I'm not selling this poison to you - to hell with your 'cocktail party'!
This bustier will make you look like a slut. You can't buy it; you're encouraging rapists.
You're obese. I refuse to sell you this Big Mac because fat people disgust me.
refusal to sell cigs due to second hand smoke
I won't let you vote, you may not vote Republican
I refuse to sell TVs to people who watch Spongebob
Refuse to sell condoms, spilling seed not in woman
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